Spotlight Product Review: Straps & Wraps

strapsandwrapsDid you know that over 24,200 children are hospitalized each year due to shopping cart accidents?  Neither did we!  These are just the reported cases of children treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 2005 for shopping cart-related injuries.  It doesn’t count the doctor office visits or the untreated accidents. 

How many times has your toddler beat the shopping cart strap and ended up dangerously standing up in the cart in the time that it took you to turn and grab the mac and cheese box off the shelf?  My two year old is guilty as charged!  He is able to get out of almost 90% of all grocery cart belts.  He was a perfect candidate to try out the new Straps & Wraps!

Straps & Wraps is a full over the shoulder harness that keeps children in place in the seat!  There is one strap over each shoulder and a belt that comes across the waist.  Plus, it has a permanent chest strap that prevents the child from sliding the shoulder straps off their arms in an attempt to escape.  Love that!

Think of how many times you grab a cart at the store and the belt is either disgustingly dirty, broken or completely missing!  With Straps & Wraps, you will always have your own shopping car safety device with you and won’t have to sift through multiple carts to find one that will do but probably won’t keep your kid in place anyway. 

So, we headed out to the store with the Straps & Wraps in hand.  I want to note that the device is small enough to easily store in your diaper bag to make sure it’s always with you.  When we arrived at the store and picked out a cart, our two year old tester was excited about the new gadget in my hand.  His excitement wore off quickly when he found out it was actually a restraint system to keep him in his seat.  Since this was the first time we tried the Straps & Wraps, I brought the little instruction card with me to the store to make sure that I was doing it properly.  Even with the pictures on the instruction card, it took me a minute or two to figure out where the straps attached and how to fit it properly for my child.  The lap belt goes across the child’s lap (not under the arms) and attaches to both sides of the cart with clips while the harness goes up and over the child’s head & shoulders, down the cart seat back and uses a new style of Velcro that slips through the cart and folds back on itself holding the child securely.


Once I figured it out, we were set and ready to go.  Our tester was securely in his seat!  I’m happy to say that it kept him in the seat the entire shopping trip.  One of the great things about the Straps & Wraps is that the clips and Velcro to remove the device are either behind the child’s back or off to the sides out of reach.  That way our tester was unable to undo the device himself.  Brilliant!  Even though our tester was not super excited about being restrained in his seat, I was super excited about it.  I would recommend this product to all parents that either have a naughty little escape artist toddler or just want to make sure that they always have a properly working and clean restraint system for shopping carts. 

The Straps & Wraps has 23 100% cotton wraps for the shoulder straps and 20 different strap colors to choose from.  It retails for $19.99 and can be purchased at their online store at:

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