Spotlight Product Review: Svan High Chair

Svan High Chair

The stylish Svan high chair, designed in Sweden, helps bring your entire family back to the dinner table. This innovative work of art, available in 5 stain finishes, blends into your kitchen decor yet will make your friends and family envious of your modern high chair.

Not being fans of the big, plastic high chairs that stick out in our kitchens like a sore thumb, this beautiful rounded piece of furniture, made entirely out of bent birch wood in an environmentally-friendly process, allows us to keep our kitchen nice.

The versatility of this chair is fabulous. It adjusts to fit babies 6 months (sitting up unassisted) to adulthood making it more of an investment than a temporary baby seat. (You’ll be lucky to get 18 months of use out of the widely popular plastic high chairs.) It begins as a traditional high chair with a wood tray, but because there is a safety bar, remove the tray and even a young infant can be seated at the dinner table with the rest of the family. Once your child becomes a toddler, you can remove the safety bar, so that they can get into and out of the chair on their own. Eventually, once your child’s feet can hit the ground without a footrest, it becomes a full-size chair.

We love that the Svan high chair was designed to provide infants and toddlers with a comfortable and ergonomic place to eat. With a seat that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and an adjustable footrest, it provides children with the perfect balance of space and support for their size. The Svan seat is not only comfortable but made to promote good posture from a very early age. We found adjusting the seat is simple with just the included allen key.

A feature that the Svan has that some other wood high chairs don’t have is a tray! Now, we have to say we love the tray. With messy babies that constantly bang things into our dining room table, we like that they have a space of their own. It still allows them to come close to the table and eat with the family but protects our tables and contains their mess. Plus, the tray now has a Phthalate-free plastic tray cover that is dishwasher safe. For those lucky moms with not-so-messy babies, the tray can be stored on the back of the seat, enabling your little one to completely join you at the table.

The Svan has a small footprint so it only takes up the space of a regular dining chair unlike some of the space-hogging high chairs that are not friendly for a small kitchen. It’s virtually untippable design makes the chair sturdy and safe so that we have no worries for even our toddlers to climb in and out on their own.

A fun feature of the Svan is that because of its design it can be hung off the side of your table to keep it off the ground for easy access to cleaning the floors.

Available in five stain finishes: whitewash, natural, cherry, mahogany, and espresso, there is a Svan to match any kitchen decor. There are a wide variety of cushions sold separately which we think is a must have with this chair to keep it as comfortable as possible. The chair comes in a compact box with easy to follow instructions making assembly no problem.

The Svan doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the plastic high chairs have such as a reclining seat, one-handed tray and tray toys, but we will happily trade those features in for a beautiful, sturdy chair that can last a lifetime, keep our toddler’s posture better, our babies at the table with us and our kitchens looking nice. Retailing at $250, this high chair can cause sticker shock for many moms but knowing how long it will last and how well it’s made, it truly is an investment that you shouldn’t pass up.

Also, check out our video review of the Svan by clicking the picture below.

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