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Trends for Kids (TFK) has been popular in Europe since it was founded in 1997.  Until recently, this German-based company’s high quality, innovative and versatile products were not available in the US.  Sold in more than 15 countries, TFK recently made its way across the pond and made its US debut in November 2008. With its high quality German design, great features and sporty looks, the TFK strollers may soon be a major US favorite.

The Joggster X is TFK’s newest addition to their stroller collection.  This sporty single stroller has some standout features making it unique in the world of strollers.  The feature that makes it different than all the other strollers on the market is the three easily interchangeable front wheel options.  When you purchase the stroller, you will get your choice of one of the three front wheel options (Sport, Twist or City) that you think will accommodate your lifestyle the best.  Sporty moms will love the fixed wheel option (“Sport”) for jogging, while others will appreciate the “Twist” or “City” options for all-terrain or everyday use.  Or if you want a stroller that does everything – jogging, city walking and all-terrain – you can purchase all the wheel options!  We found that the process of changing the front wheel(s) is simple to do.  All you have to do is unscrew two knobs and the entire front wheel piece pops off easily.

Aside from the interchangeable wheels, one of the first things we noticed about the Joggster X was the very large seat.  The Joggster X sports a very wide, roomy seat that accommodates even our larger kids.  With a seat back to canopy measurement of 22 inches, a seat width of 15 ½” and a high weight capacity of 55 lbs, we found that even our 5 and 6 year olds could jump in for a ride.  The quality and construction of the stroller is so good that we think the stroller could accommodate even more weight with ease.

There is padded 5-point, adjustable harness for safety and a foot rest that slides up the frame in 3 positions (plus horizontal) for the comfort of taller and shorter riders. The seat also features 3 strengthening plates (which absorb shock and provide back/lumbar support) that were designed by doctors to make sure the spine of the child is in a healthy position.  The seat is padded with 3 recline positions, including almost flat.  In order to recline the seat, there is a zipper system that requires mom or dad to unzip a zipper on each side.  If we could make one change, it would be that they change the zipper feature to a one-handed bar recline that would be easier for parents to do.  We’d like to note that the zippers are easier to do than the strap systems of many other strollers though!

The seat fabric is durable, water resistant, non-fade fabric which is both non-abrasive and easily removable and washable.  There is an adjustable and removable bumper bar but no snack trays for either mom or baby.

Another standout feature of the Joggster X that makes it different than other strollers is the patented handle bar palm rest to prevent muscle strain.  This handlebar is so cool that it allows you to basically push the stroller with the palms of your hands.  The handlebar is also adjustable (up and down but not telescoping) that is great for taller and shorter parents.  It can be set at any position including all the way up for taller parents and all the way down so that other siblings can “help” push the stroller.  The handlebar also has a great safety bell that could come in handy when you’re trying to pass someone with their music cranked or is just plain oblivious to the stroller approaching.

The Joggster X has a large canopy with a pop out sun visor and a very large peek-a-boo UV protected window (with cover).  There is also an optional zip on UV sun cover accessory if you are looking for more sun protection.  A fantastic feature of the canopy is the detachable mosquito net that rolls up into the front of the canopy so that you always have it with you.  No more forgetting the mosquito net or realizing you can’t find it while out and about! This mosquito net reaches all the way to the footrest, completely enclosing your child.

This stroller is stocked with storage!  Underneath the seat, is a medium size basket that we had no problem fitting a medium size diaper bag or many baby essentials.  Besides the basket underneath, there is a zipper pocket on the back of the seat for mom essentials, two zipper pockets on the sides of the canopy and a two mesh cup holders one on each side of the seat.

The large 12 ½” rear, air-filled tires help the stroller charge through all kinds of different terrain.  If you have the “Sport” or “Twist” wheel option on the stroller – grass, playground mulch, or rocky roads are no problem!  Depending on your wheel option, we found it can be used for bumpy roads, hiking, running, and just walking around the city.

The Sport wheel option is a single, 12” air-filled tire that is fixed straight (meaning it does not swivel) for sport use.  The Twist option is a single, 10” air-filled tire that swivels 360 degrees for great maneuverability but has the option to lock straight for all-terrain or sport use.  The City option has two 6 1/2” hard foam tires that are great for everyday or city use.

When running with this stroller we barely have to push it as it glides along the pavement. With its fabulous suspension system and rear shock absorbers, the Joggster X also provides a very smooth ride for baby.  Even though the tires are air-filled, TFK failed to provide a tire pump with the stroller though.

Even with the stroller fully loaded, we had no problem maneuvering this stroller even one-handed.  There is a convenient and easy to use hand-operated disc brake, located on the handlebar, which allows parents to slow the stroller while in motion or lock the wheels when the stroller is parked.  We love that you don’t have to use your foot or scuff your shoes to lock this stroller.

Folding the Joggster X is very quick and easy to do. Fold the handlebar all the way down, lift up on the two levers just under the handlebar adjusters while you push the stroller forward as the stroller folds down to the ground. It’s very easy!  The stroller basically folds in half into a compact fold, making transporting this stroller good regarding the size.  There is a manual locking strap on the side to lock the stroller closed for transporting.  An automatic lock would be nicer but we are glad they included something to lock it closed.

Weighing in at 28.6 lbs, we found the stroller weight average to a bit heavy for an all-terrain stroller.  With such a sturdy stroller, we expected this weight though.  We didn’t have too much trouble lifting it in and out of our trunk – it just took a bit of muscle.  Note:  Since the rear wheels have the disc brake system, the rear wheels do not just pop off in a jiffy but the front wheels of the Twist and the City options do.

There are a few great accessories sold separately that work great with the Joggster X.  There is a car seat adapter (for Graco, Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi and a universal adapter) that will make it a travel system.  Plus, the Multi X Carrycot (coming in Spring ’10), Quick Fix Carrycot, rain cover, UV sun cover, carry bag and fleece foot muff to complete the system.

The Multi-X functions as (1) a rear facing reclining toddler seat, (2) a forward facing reclining toddler seat, (3) a bassinet for infants, and (4) a tilting/angled bassinet.  Combined with the Multi-X Carrycot, the Joggster X truly provides the parent with a one stroller for everything system.

Our favorite accessory for the Joggster X is the Mamaboard!  We have never seen anything like it!  And we got a lot of attention from other moms and dads when we took it out.  Everyone wanted to try it!  It is a skateboard that attaches to the back of the stroller just for mom!  (Okay, dads can use it too!)  The Mamaboard makes strolling with the Joggster X so much fun.  You aren’t technically “strolling” when using the Mamaboard but actually riding.  Plus there is no skateboarding experience needed!  Why should the kids get to have all the fun?  There is even a strap on the stroller that pulls the Mamaboard up and out of the way when not in use.  You can even fold up and transport the stroller with the Mamaboard attached.

This sporty stroller comes in a variety of colors, including as blue, black, sand, brown and red.  With its interchangeable front wheel options, very sturdy construction, patented handle bar palm rest, fabulous maneuverability, and very roomy seat, the TFK Joggster X is a great stroller option for parents.  This can truly be a jogger, all-terrain, pram and city stroller all in one!  No need for four different strollers!  Love that!

To check out my full video review, click the video link below:

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