Spotlight Product Review: The Bibbie

The Bibbie

Bibs are a staple in every new mom’s home.  There are all types of bibs available for baby.  Some work great.  And others…well…not so much!

While I have bunches and bunches of bibs, I’m sad that the bibbie wasn’t introduced to moms until after I had 2 kids.  Now, with a messy, messy toddler and another baby on the way, I’m very excited by my discovery of the bibbie.

The bibbie was first created by a mom in 1952 who needed a bib that would really cover and protect her children’s clothes, even safeguarding frilly Sunday dresses.  Then 55 years later in 2007, Dilly Dally Designs, LLC was started by three women delighted to share their three-generation family tradition with other moms.

The bibbie is a fashionable smock-style bib that really works!  The smock-style is great for full coverage from the messiest situations.  Plus, it prevents our little ones from pulling it off and throwing it on the floor, or worse, at us during mealtime. 

I was apprehensive the first time I put the bibbie on my messy 2 year old tester.  Most of the time he hates wearing bibs and I end up having him eat without a shirt on or end up changing his clothes after every meal.  To my surprise, he was happy as a clam to put on this new bib.  I think he thought it was more a new shirt than a bib.  He was so excited about the new bib that he refused to take it off after lunchtime.  He wore the bib the rest of the day and insisted that I put it back on after his nighttime bath.  He walked around the house proudly showing off his new bib to everyone.  Definitely not what I expected, but I was happy that his clothes stayed cleaned. So, the tester loved it but what did mom think?

First, I love that the bib ties around the neck and doesn’t Velcro! My kids are Velcro-strong!  They can remove Velcro quicker than any tie in the world!

Second, I love that the bibbie is long enough to cover a child’s lap.  Nothing is worse than a short little bib that allows all the food to fall onto the kid’s lap.

Third, the double-sides quilted fabric is great!  First, it gives my picky little one a choice of pattern to match his mood at the time.  Plus, it’s extra absorbent from everyday spills.  It’s not waterproof but definitely thick enough to withstand a lot of liquid before soaking through to the child’s clothes!  Also, the bib washed up fabulously.  Pop it in the washer and throw it in the dryer and it comes out looking great!

The bibbie patterns are adorable!  Ranging from animals to cowboys to flowers to stripes and dots…there is a pattern that will appeal to everyone!

My only minor complaint would be the price.  The bibbies are expensive in the world of bibs retailing at $35.   I guess that is a relatively small price to pay for a bib that our kids like to wear, that stays on, has full coverage, and protects their clothes from messes.

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