Spotlight Product Review: The SmartZip Sleeper

I was recently introduced to a new and innovative product by a new company, Hello World Clothing. Well, actually it is a new and creative twist on one of my baby necessities.  The SmartZip Sleeper is your traditional long sleeve, footed sleeper but this one has a two-way zipper.  The sleeper still opens from the top for conventional dressing, but also unzips from the bottom for quicker and easier diaper changing.  The two-way zipper has the traditional snap flap at the top to protect the chin from discomfort and a fabric cover at the bottom to prevent access to the zipper by little hands.

First, I love the two color combinations that the SmartZip Sleepers are available in.  Pair anything with chocolate brown and I’m on board!  (And not just because “chocolate” is in the name!) The sleepers are available in chocolate brown and blue (Blue Me Away) and chocolate brown and pink (Made Me Blush).  They are made of 100% cotton and feel very soft to the touch.

Second, I love that it is a zipper sleeper.  Most sleepers have those little annoying snaps that can make a new, tired mom go mad.  With a newborn sleeper sporting an average of 9 snaps, it tends to get tricky during middle of the night changes when you are deliriously tired. So, zippers are good!

Third, I love that it unzips from the bottom (the main feature!).  With a 4 week old baby, I am up feeding and changing my son up to 4 times during the night.  With standard sleepers, I am either forced to deal with snaps or with unzipping a sleeper from the top exposing my son to the cold air-conditioned air.  Not so with the SmartZip Sleeper!  I can unzip from the bottom and have my son’s diaper changed in record time without getting him mostly undressed.

Overall, the SmartZip Sleeper is a very smart product!  It is available in two fun color combinations and allows for quicker and easier nighttime diaper changes. 

To check out the SmartZip Sleeper for yourself, visit:

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It’s so exciting to see that the Hello World Clothing Company was featured on, the number one mom blog. Ms. Armstong has dressed her new baby in the SmartZip Sleeper and posted it on her blog. Just thought you might like to do a followup for the famous sighting.


I’m soooo glad I checked out your blog!! Can I buy stock in those sleepers??? Zipping up from the bottom is fabulous!