Spotlight Product Review: Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

Tiny Love is an award-winning company of developmental toys selling in over 40 countries worldwide. They are recognized for their adaptation of the latest trends in childhood development and ongoing consultations with parents, child development specialists, psychologists and quality assurance specialists to ensure that each toy from Tiny Love is innovative, engaging and encourages skill development.

Their latest toy is the Gymini Bouncer (also their first bouncer!). The standout features of this bouncer are the multi-positional arches, but I’ll get to those in a second. Let’s first go over the technical stuff beginning with set-up!

When you first open the box, the pieces to the bouncer are neatly packaged. This bouncer also comes with three toys, a musical crab, a hippo rattle and a leaf teether. The instructions are great as they have both visual and written instructions (I should also mention that the instructions came in four languages, also a nice feature!) on how to assemble the bouncer (all photos first, followed by all text after). Set-up was relatively easy and I appreciated being able to read and see what I was supposed to do next. I do have to mention that when you first start to assemble the bouncer, you need to take out the set of tubing that was already inserted with the seat and then proceed to put the bouncer together.

The assembled bouncer is pretty unique in looks, thanks to the multi-positional arches. The seat is well padded on the edges and soft, while the center of the seat creates a nice little “bucket seat” for babies. The seat is comfortable for both testers who tried it and had plenty of space for even our older tester, although I would stop use of this bouncer when they are able to sit up unassisted as our older tester tended to sit upright in the seat (and decided he wanted to reach off to the side. Luckily, it did not tip, but as always, please use this and any other bouncer with supervision and always on the floor!) The seat is easy to remove for easy washing. There are two recline positions, sitting and reclined. You change the position of the bouncer by pressing down on two yellow buttons on either side of the back of the bouncer and pull up or push down, depending on which position it is in. In the sitting position, I measured it at 19 inches from the floor to the warning label (which depicts not to carry the bouncer using the arches) near the top of the seat. In the reclined position, it is about 16 inches from the floor to the warning label. I would have liked to have seen more positions in which to recline the seat (in case a baby is particular about what angle they would like to be in), but both testers seemed comfortable in either position. The vibration unit is at the front of the bouncer and only had one speed. I would have liked to have seen maybe two settings for vibration. Compared with other gear that has vibration, I would say that the vibration was equivalent to a “low” setting.

The arches are really neat! They can be positioned in a variety of ways, from almost touching, to touching the floor, to having only one arch available for reach and everything in between! Each arch has 3 loops to hang toys on (close to the top, middle and close to the bottom). The arches held pretty steady with 6 toys hanging on them plus the musical crab. Your stronger babies may be able to move the arches when pulling at toys if you space it far enough. For example, if you put the arches off to the side and a baby grasps a toy on it, the stronger babies can move the arches towards them using that toy. If your baby falls asleep while in this bouncer, just know that the arches make a muffled ratcheting sound when moving them up and down which may wake a baby up if you want to move your child from the bouncer into their sleeping area. Removing the arches completely off the bouncer is easy too, just press on the yellow buttons at the bottom and top of each arch, should you want to use the bouncer with no toys (but you can just as easily push the arches down to the floor and use it that way as well).

Now let’s talk about the toys included with the bouncer! Our testers were pleased with all three toys. The first toy I’ll talk about is the leaf teether. The leaf teether has two flexible (soft, yet hard enough to teethe on) leaves and one felt leaf. I was a bit concerned with the length of the felt leaf because I thought that it was a bit long and may end up in the back of the throat of a child (triggering a gag reflex), but our testers had no problems with that. It is attached well.

The second toy is the hippo rattle. I wish that the hippo didn’t have this small piece of string for its tail (again, felt like it could end up at the back of a child’s throat) and that the rattle sound was rather puny (think of a wrist rattle and that’s what it sounded like), but it was a nice, cheerful rattle.

The third toy is the musical crab. This crab is lots of fun! The claw design is great. Our older tester (who is pretty strong) was not able to pull the crab off the arches. I pulled on the crab while it was on the arches and it did not come off. The crab has two music settings, parent activated (looping music for 15 minutes) or baby activated (when the baby plays with any part of the crab, a short music and sound sequence triggers. This is very sensitive, by the way. One tap and it’ll turn on).  There is also a neat mute button at the top of the crab for quiet play with just the flashing lights. On the continuous setting, there are 3 songs that play in the loop, mixed with various sounds. On the baby activated setting, there are 4 noises that play (a mix of songs and sounds). I have to say that I found the song and sound choices a bit odd. The seat depicts a beach scene and the songs and sounds felt like to me they were better off in a western setting with a train (the sounds are chuga-chuga, choo-choo and bell sounds, while the music felt very country-like). Not a big deal, but just thought I should mention it. There is only one volume setting, but it’s neither too soft nor too loud, so I didn’t mind that there was no volume control. The lights on the crab (multi-colored) moved in time with the music and sounds. The crab has cellophane lined legs and at the bottom of the crab is a hanging starfish that babies can pull on. It is affixed with a stretchy cord. I really wish that they had made this starfish out of fabric. Both testers pulled on the starfish while it was hanging on the arches and let go and it smacked them on the head hard enough to startle them and make them cry. So be sure to position the crab far away enough from their head. I tested hitting myself gently with the starfish and it can hurt. The last feature of the crab is that you can clip it on the hood of a stroller, which is nice, except that your child will be able to pull the hood forward as they pull on the starfish.

Lastly, if you go to the Tiny Love website (, you’ll find great “Age Tips” for how to use the bouncer with your child from birth to 6 months and up!

The Gymini Bouncer has a lot of great features that your baby can engage with for months, even after they’ve outgrown it, thanks to the removable toys. The arches are wonderful because you can use toys that you have already and hang them on the bouncer, or change the position of where they are, allowing your little ones to grasp in other directions other than straight ahead or above your head like most bouncers out on the market.

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– Contributed by Ann

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