Spotlight Product Review: UPPAbaby RumbleSeat

A new fabulous accessory that is now available for the UPPAbaby Vista will have parents of 2 children rejoicing!  So, now when baby #2 comes along, you don’t have to retire your VISTA stroller for a huge double stroller! Yeah!!!  The Rumbleseat is a new attachment which allows you to convert your VISTA stroller into a compact rear-facing tandem. This all-aluminum frame seat, complete with 5-point harness, will attach in seconds to all 2009 Uppa Baby Vista Strollers.

The Rumbleseat clips on and off the front of the frame easily with no tools required.  The seat does have to be removed when folding the stroller though. It sits low on the frame to allow a toddler to climb in on their own, yet high enough to keep your buckled in toddler from touching the wheels at all.  No need for wheel guards with this stroller!

The Rumbleseat rider faces mom (rides backwards) but sits in the front of the stroller so that it doesn’t take any legroom away from the parent pushing the stroller.  We were a little worried that the Rumbleseat cannot face forward but we found all our little testers didn’t mind riding backwards at all and liked sitting in the Rumbleseat.

And we love that the seat was designed in such a way that the stroller remains completely stable with the seat attached.  Yes, UPPAbaby recommends that you always put your child in the main seat first before putting your toddler in the Rumbleseat.  But many of us have those mischievous toddlers who want to climb in on their own when we turn our back without concern if there is another child in the main stroller seat.  What happens in this situation on other inline strollers such as one with the initials P&T?  The stroller flips over onto the climbing toddler!  Pretty dangerous, we think!  But not the case with the Rumbleseat and the VISTA!  Just as expected, our 32 lb tester full of mischief, raced to get in the Rumbleseat on his own as soon as we set it up.  We are happy to report the stroller didn’t budge!  Even though we don’t recommend this – he was able to get in the seat on his own without the stroller toppling over on top of him without a child in the main seat.  Plus, in those cases that you forget and take the child out of the main seat first, the stroller doesn’t flip over with your rider in the Rumbleseat.  Yeah, UPPAbaby!!!

The Rumbleseat comes in black to complement all the Vista color options and is complete with a padded, adjustable, 5-point harness for safety and a great SPF 50+ sun canopy to keep them shaded.  It comes with a footrest that sets in the bottom of the basket – so yes, your little rider’s legs will take up some your valuable basket real estate.  The basket is large enough that it doesn’t matter much though.

The Rumbleseat has a weight capacity of 35 lbs and since it doesn’t recline is recommended for a baby 6 months+.  Since the main toddler seat has a weight capacity of 50 lbs – the entire set-up with Rumbleseat gives the stroller an 85 lb capacity.

There are three seating configurations available with the Rumbleseat:  1) with toddler seat facing backwards (towards mom) with a child 6 months – 50 lbs  2)  with toddler seat facing forwards and in the fully reclined position with a newborn up to 6 months and the footrest in the highest position and 3) with an infant car seat attached.  The seat cannot be used with the bassinet because there isn’t enough room for the Rumbleseat rider!

One last great feature of the Rumbleseat is that paired with the UPPAbaby Piggyback wheeled board, your Vista Stroller can be turned into a triple stroller!

The Rumbleseat was intended for use with the UPPAbaby Vista 2009 Stroller.  Not to worry if you have an older model though because it can be used with earlier models if the frame is modified by certified UppaBaby personnel.  The Retro-Fit Frame Program has a few options:

Option 1: Purchase a new 2009 VISTA frame for $250

Option 2: Have your original 2006, 2007, or 2008 VISTA stroller frame adjusted by sending the frame to Uppa Baby for $85 including shipping

Option 3: Shipping your older frame to Uppa Baby using your own shipping methods and packaging for adjustment for $60

Option 4: Dropping it off and picking it up at their location in Rockland, MA.�

Overall, we LOVE the UPPAbaby Rumbleseat! It is a great option for parents who want to keep using their luxury VISTA stroller when baby #2 arrives instead of having to purchase a new, giant double stroller!  NOTE:  Our video review of the Rumbleseat with the new 2009 UPPAbaby VISTA stroller is coming soon!

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Mom of Two
I purchased an UPPAbaby stroller after my first son was born in 2008. I did a lot of research, loved that it had both a pram and upright feature, loved that it seemed ideal for our outdoor lifestyle. But over the last 5 years, we have experienced a series of extremely unsafe malfunctions with this product. The brakes broke, a shoulder strap came loose, and after we got a replacement frame, it quickly proceeded to not lock, making it hazardous to stroll the baby. It is also impossible to wash the seat, and over the years you can imagine it… Read more »
Jackie @ Baby Fashio

I sell UPPAbaby Vista strollers but I also own a UPPA Vista myself. I have 5 children and it’s a perfect stroller for our big family. I sell many other stroller lines but to me the Vista is the perfect stroller for ANY growing family! YES the Rumble Seat is such a handy gadget & it’s a LOT cheaper than buying a whole new stroller when #2 comes along. The UPPA Vista has been worth EVERY penny for our family! Good blog 🙂

betty galvan

Would like to know the price for the uppa baby double stroller