Spotlight Product Review: UPPAbaby Vista 2009

A New Luxury Stroller System Worth Looking At

If you are searching for a luxury stroller system and want something fresh and different, as opposed to the overpopulated other brands on the streets, you may want to take a close look at the UPPAbaby Vista.

UPPAbaby is a rather new stroller company based near Boston, Mass., that was launched in September 2006. When we first saw this luxury system, our eyes went straight to the big, beautiful basket on the bottom. A fancy stroller with a big, accessible basket – you have our attention!

The UPPAbabyVista is a stroller system complete with a lightweight chassis, a reversible toddler seat and a beautiful bassinet. With the use of aircraft alloy in the frame and wheels, this stroller is lighter than competitors and weighs in at 24 lbs with the toddler seat. (bassinet is an additional 9 lbs) It has a quick, standing fold that allows us to leave the toddler seat attached, and keeps the frame scratch free since it stands on its wheels when folded.

Speaking of the wheels, we love the UPPAbaby tires. These “no flat” foam rubber wheels are puncture proof and handle all kinds of terrain. The wide, rear tires allow us to glide over rocks, charge through grass and power over mulch at the playground. Sand, rocks, snow – no problem! We haven’t found a terrain we can’t get through with the Uppa Baby and all without worrying about a flat tire. There are rear brakes that lock securely and are easy to apply.

To satisfy the shortest and tallest of moms and dads, it has an adjustable handle that eliminates the “stroller hunch”. It is designed without the standard bar connecting the rear tires that may get in the way of a long stride so we never stub our toe or kick the frame. We love the reversible toddler seat that allows the child to face mom or out at the world. The seat reverses easily and to insure a locked-in fit, there are color indicators on either side that turn from green to red when clicked in properly.

Instead of just the back of the seat reclining like on other strollers, on the Vista the entire seat reclines back easily with a one-hand lever. The seat keeps its wide “v” shape but does recline far enough back to be considered a flat position. We found the seat to comfortably fit newborns up to 4 year olds. Even with an increased weight capacity of 50 lbs for the 2009 model, we do want to mention that the seat back seems a tad short for an extra tall child and you may find that a tall 3 year old may brush their head against the canopy. The seat bottom to top of canopy is only 20 inches.

There is a large canopy that shades the child sufficiently and has a large mesh peek a boo window that allows air to circulate through the stroller when open. They improved and made the canopy even larger on the 2009 model by adding a SPF 50 pop-out sun canopy extension to provide 30% more sun protection. Like we said at the beginning, this stroller has a fabulously, large basket. There is a bar that runs through the middle but nonetheless it still holds loads of stuff and we love it.

There is an included bassinet recommended for use up to 4-6 months that gives you that “celebrity pram feature”. The 2009 bassinet is more eco-friendly than previous models with its un-dyed organic soy & cotton lining. The bassinet mattress has a cover that zips off easily for cleaning. There is also a handle on the canopy of the bassinet for easy portability.

It has a big basket and canopy, fabulous adjustable handle, great wide tires, an included bassinet and an easy fold, but we bet you are wondering how it maneuvers. Well, you won’t be disappointed in that feature either because the maneuverability is amazing! The Vista turns on a dime and even with an older child on board strolling through gravel, it’s easy to push.

A new fabulous accessory (sold separately for $129) that is now available for the UPPAbaby Vista will have parents of 2 children rejoicing! So, now when baby #2 comes along, you don’t have to retire your VISTA stroller for a huge double stroller! Yeah!!! The Rumbleseat is a new attachment which allows you to convert your VISTA stroller into a compact rear-facing tandem. This all-aluminum frame seat, complete with 5-point harness, will attach in seconds to all 2009 Uppa Baby Vista Strollers.

The Rumbleseat clips on and off the front of the frame easily with no tools required. The seat does have to be removed when folding the stroller though. It sits low on the frame to allow a toddler to climb in on their own, yet high enough to keep your buckled in toddler from touching the wheels at all. No need for wheel guards with this stroller!

The Rumbleseat rider faces mom (rides backwards) but sits in the front of the stroller so that it doesn’t take any legroom away from the parent pushing the stroller. We were a little worried that the Rumbleseat cannot face forward but we found all our little testers didn’t mind riding backwards at all and liked sitting in the Rumbleseat.

And we love that the seat was designed in such a way that the stroller remains completely stable with the seat attached. Yes, UPPAbaby recommends that you always put your child in the main seat first before putting your toddler in the Rumbleseat. But many of us have those mischievous toddlers who want to climb in on their own when we turn our back without concern if there is another child in the main stroller seat. What happens in this situation on other inline strollers such as one with the initials P&T? The stroller flips over onto the climbing toddler! Pretty dangerous, we think! But not the case with the Rumbleseat and the VISTA! Just as expected, our 32 lb tester full of mischief, raced to get in the Rumbleseat on his own as soon as we set it up. We are happy to report the stroller didn’t budge! Even though we don’t recommend this – he was able to get in the seat on his own without the stroller toppling over on top of him without a child in the main seat. Plus, in those cases that you forget and take the child out of the main seat first, the stroller doesn’t flip over with your rider in the Rumbleseat. Yeah, Uppa Baby!!!

The Rumbleseat comes in black to complement all the Vista color options and is complete with a padded, adjustable, 5-point harness for safety and a great SPF 50+ sun canopy to keep them shaded. It comes with a footrest that sets in the bottom of the basket – so yes, your little rider’s legs will take up some your valuable basket real estate. The basket is large enough that it doesn’t matter much though.

The Rumbleseat has a weight capacity of 35 lbs and since it doesn’t recline is recommended for a baby 6 months+. Since the main toddler seat has a weight capacity of 50 lbs – the entire set-up with Rumbleseat gives the stroller an 85 lb capacity.

There are three seating configurations available with the Rumbleseat: 1) with toddler seat facing backwards (towards mom) with a child 6 months – 50 lbs 2) with toddler seat facing forwards and in the fully reclined position with a newborn up to 6 months and the footrest in the highest position and 3) with an infant car seat attached. The seat cannot be used with the bassinet because there isn’t enough room for the Rumbleseat rider!

One last great feature of the Rumbleseat is that paired with the UPPAbaby Piggyback wheeled board, your Vista Stroller can be turned into a triple stroller!

Keeping in tune with the other high-end strollers, UPPAbaby neglected to give us the cup holders, baby and parent trays we multi-tasking moms long for. If we had to make one change, that would be it. There is a cup holder sold separately specifically for the Vista though.

There are five color choices that are simple, yet divine and are a hit with not only moms but many dads we know as well. Retailing at $669, you get all the fabulous features of a luxury stroller system but at a more manageable price than other brands.

To watch our full video review of the UPPAbaby Vista 2009, click the video below:

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