Spotlight Product Review: Zooper To-Go High Chair

The Zooper To-Go high chair is a great modern, compact high chair that is perfect for small kitchens or for people who like to store their high chair away between uses. 

Let’s start with the set-up.  It couldn’t be easier to set up the To-Go.  Take the chair out of the box, lay it flat on the floor, pull back on a lever to unlock it as you pull up on the back of the seat until the chair locks open.  5 seconds from box to being ready to use! You don’t need tools and the tray and seat pad are even attached.  So easy! 

The seat comes with two sets of seat pads: fun checkered seat pads and solid color seat pads.  We tested the red checkered model and thought it was fun but not overly loud or distracting in our kitchen.  The seat pads consist of two pieces: a pad for the seat back and a pad for the seat.  The pads are held to the seat with Velcro and are easy to remove for quick clean up.   We love that with two complete sets, we can swap out seat pads for cleaning or to just switch things up for a while. While the seat pads are not machine-washable, they are very easy to wipe clean.   Since the seat back and seat pads are separate there is no room for crumbs or food to hide, making the seat incredibly easy for keeping it clean.

The To-Go seat sports an adjustable, non-padded, 5-point harness for safety and an adjustable footrest for your child’s comfort.  The seat size is deceiving.  It looks small but really has enough room for a child up to about 3 years old.  Our 21 month old (25 lbs/32 in) fit in the seat comfortably with room to grow.  The seat is 12 ½ inches wide and is 9 inches deep and since it does not have a reclining seat back, the chair is for tots 6 months and up.   The seat carries a weight limit of 45 lbs, and although we love high weight limits, we seriously doubt that child that big would be sitting in a high chair at all.

The chair has a small tray. It measures 15 ½” by 8 ½”. Not the smallest on the market but small.  We like smaller trays because it teaches your baby to keep their mess contained to a small area.  Remember we think bigger tray = bigger mess.  After having a small tray, when your toddler transitions to the family table, she will be used to having a small area to eat.  We do like that the tray is deep which keeps cheerios and other foods from rolling right onto the floor. 


Now, the thing that is different about the To-Go tray is that it is not adjustable or removable.  That’s right, you will not be sliding or adjusting the tray in or out.  Good thing that we like the tray eating position!  It is a perfect distance from the seat back which makes it close enough to the child so that all the food doesn’t end up on their lap but far enough away that it doesn’t squish them in the seat.  One addition we would like to see Zooper add is a dishwasher-safe, snap-on tray cover for even easier clean up. 

With a non-removable tray, this isn’t one of those chairs that you remove the tray to put your child in the chair.  You will be putting your child in the seat by sliding them in from the top. And this isn’t one of those high chairs that you remove the tray and push you tot up to the table.  The tray stays attached all the time.  This is a “high chair” and not a toddler chair or convertible chair!  The tray can be unattached at the back (by pushing two buttons) and fold forward to open up the seat.  We only fold the tray forward to clean the seat and that’s it.

Now, you know us.  Our kids are messy!  Smear-mac-and-cheese-in-their-hair-messy!  If the chair has seams, creases, cracks, or crevices, we assure you that the food will find its way there every time! And since they eat at least 3 times a day (that’s 1095 times a year), cleaning a hard-to-clean chair will get on your last nerve.

The To-Go is easy to clean but since the chair is very open most of what falls onto your child’s lap could end up on the floor.  Zooper thought of that and added a mesh food catcher at the bottom of the seat back.  It’s different.  This food catcher can be removed if you don’t want to use it but it is rather handy in catching anything in the seat.  Only problem is that it will catch mac and cheese and other messy foods.  While I like that it catches those foods that means that I remove the food catcher quite often for cleaning.  Not a big deal because I spray it off in the sink and it’s good as new. With non-mushy foods, I can just wipe the food catcher off and leave it attached.    Besides the “food catcher”, the seat is very easy to wipe down.  There is no scrubbing, digging food out of an over-stuffed seat pad or trying to get food out of an unnecessary ruffle on this chair.

The Zooper To-Go is one of those high chairs that you see what you get.  It’s not loaded up with the extra bells and whistles, such tray toys, dishwasher-safe tray cover and a reclining seat, but it’s definitely a chair to consider if you need a compact high chair with a fabulously easy fold. 

The stand-out feature of the To-Go hands down is the compact fold!  The fold is absolutely fabulous!  The chair folds down FLAT!  As in 7-inches-tall-FLAT!  Plus, the folded high chair has a standing fold so there is no need to lean it against anything.  And weighing in at a featherweight 14 lbs and sporting a built-in carry handle, the To-Go is so easy to fold up and store away in a pantry or to travel with.  This is a perfect chair to take to grandma’s house, or better yet, for grandma to keep at her house!  With such a compact fold, this is a great chair to fold away in between uses. 

The Zooper To-Go is great for an urban mama who may be tight on space or a parent just looking for a chic high chair with a fabulous fold. 

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*Thanks to Zooper for providing us with a To-Go to review. 




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Love the food catcher! It would be perfect if it had wheels!

May Simonson

I love that this high chair is so compact.