Spotlight Video Review: Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

It’s already November so our Hot Holiday Toy Video Series is in full swing. Today we are focusing on the brand new Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. This full-size Barbie doll has a digital camera built right in with a LCD screen to display the photos immediately on the doll’s shirt. Talk about a fashion forward girl! Barbie’s photo screen t-shirt can be changed in an instant to keep her the trendiest girl in the townhouse. And your little photographer will love that the doll can store up to 200 photos. To mix things up even more, there are more than 30 different photo effects built in to change the look of the photos.

We were happy to see that the doll didn’t need batteries but can be recharged by plugging her into the computer with the included hot pink USB cable. You can also download the photos but let us warn you that they are not print-worthy size. The photos are only 128×128 pixels which means that they wouldn’t even display well on a Facebook page if your little one happens to capture the most stunning photo. We were disappointed by this, as my daughter used the camera on a vacation last week, and surprisingly, took some wonderful photos. When I went to download them, the photos actually looked great but were too small to do anything with besides display on Barbie’s t-shirt.

These are some of the photos (actual size!) that I pasted together into a mini film strip:

Barbie Doll

Since this doll is for ages 6+, we’d love to see the next version of this doll create photo files that are bigger and able to be printed. Overall, the doll was a huge hit with my 7 year old Barbie fan but let us warn you, like any high-maintenance, fashion-forward gal, she isn’t cheap. Barbie Photo Fashion Doll retails for $50 but I’m sure you can find her on sale.

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