Spring Toy Must-Haves

Ah, spring time! Over here in the Northeast, we are enjoying the warmer temperatures and getting outside more frequently. Both myself and my kids were getting a little stir crazy!

I wanted to share a few popular spring toys we have been enjoying lately. Please add your favorites in the comments below!

Balance Bike


Balance Bikes are the best! My son is gaining an insane amount of confidence so far this year on his Strider bike. We’ve been having a lot of fun where he will ride his bike and I can push the baby in her stroller following him.

Water Table

water table

What is it about kids and water tables? No matter how big they are, they love to splash around in the water.

Sports Equipment



We love to set up various sports equipment for my son and his neighborhood friends to play in the backyard. Why not try a basketball nett-ball / golf set, or this hockey/soccer goal?

Gardening Kits


My son is really, really into plants and gardening this year. Exciting, yes, but I don’t have a lot of experience in a garden so we are learning together! I got him his own watering can and small tools. This kit is cute! Retail: $18.50

Pogo Jumper


This Kidoozie Pogo Jumper has a bit of a learning curve to it, but once mastered is a really fun jumping toy! I know a few older kids who still fight over this one. Retail: $14.95

Platform Swing

platform swing

A cross between a hammock and a swing, this platform swing is awesome! It holds up to 250 lbs and can fit multiple kids at a time. I’m so sad I don’t have a tree large enough to hold one in my yard! Retail: $118.00