Step2 has taken the playhouse to a whole new level. Yep, they have recently debuted a 2-story playhouse that also has a slide! This cottage-style playhouse has two levels for multiple kids to play and was designed with preschoolers in mind. It has an age range of 3-8 and we think that is pretty accurate. Since it has a second story, we wouldn’t let kids under 3 play on this unattended.

Putting this baby together is no easy feat though. It took about 3 hours from start to finish but at the end the kids certainly think it’s worth it.

step2 playhouse

The bottom “house” is 46″ tall, has a built-in indoor ladder to get to the top floor and features a kitchenette with pass through window.

step2 2 story playhouse

step2 2 story playhouse

The ground floor also has a working Dutch door, electronic door bell and a window on each wall.

The second floor has a fort-like appearance with open slats and an extra-long 70″ slide to provide a quick getaway! We have to say that the slide is quite fast so the kids will really enjoy it.

step2 2 story playhouse

Our Junior Gizmo kids loved this playhouse and think it’s perfect for preschool and kindergardeners. If you are looking for an outdoor playhouse that take it to the next level, you definitely want to check out the new Step2 2-Story Playhouse and Slide.

BUY the Step2 2-Story Playhouse and Slide HERE