Step2 Handy Helper’s Workbench Review (VIDEO)


Thanksgiving is next week which means it is time to get our gift shopping on! Our holiday lists aren’t going to just buy themselves, right?! Today we want to share a great gift idea for the little 3-4 year old handy guy or girl in your life. The Step2 Handy Helper’s Workbench gives young builders a place to role play and use their imagination with various tools.

The set includes an electronic drill, a hammer, saw, wrench, screwdriver, plus a storage bin to store the included nuts, bolts and foam wood pieces.  A pegboard with hooks is perfect for hanging tools but we found that if you bump the play set, unfortunately, the tools don’t stay very well.

Step2 suggested the workbench for 3 and up but we think the sweet spot is 3 and 4 year olds. If you remove the play screws and bolts, we think a 2 year old would have a great time with it as well.

We have two Lil’ Baby Gizmo testers to show you the workbench up close and personal! NOTE: Keep an eye on the boy in the corner at 1:12 mark! We didn’t catch it in filming but it is TOO FUNNY!

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Step2 Handy Helpers Workbench