Step2 Homerun Trainer Video Review

homerun trainer

Summer break is officially in full swing at my house which means the kids are home ALL. DAY. LONG. This is the time of year that all the toys come out and we see which ones continue to be a hit year after year and which toys get passed on again. We love outdoor toys at my house because that means my house is quiet on the inside if the kids are playing outside. Today, the Junior Gizmo kids are showing you a brand new toy by Step2 for kids 3 and up (sweet spot being 3-6 years old!) that will keep them outside, active and help improve their batting skills. We’d rather they hit a baseball with that bat than each other, right?!? 🙂

The Step2 Homerun Trainer is an outdoor sports toy that will have your mini athletes yelling “batter up”! It is a stand-alone sports trainer that helps with your little one’s baseball skills while improving their hand-eye coordination.

The trainer comes with four wiffle balls, a plastic bat and the trainer. Since children of different ages and heights may want to play, we love that it adjusts from 27”  ball release height to 45”. With the push of a lever on the side with the bat, the trainer releases a ball that rolls down a zig-zag ramp before rolling out into the air for your child to swing at. This toy is great for taking turns or playing solo when no one is there to pitch to your child. Unlike tee ball, we like that the trainer puts the ball in motion to teach the child to hit it out of mid-air.

To see the Step2 Homerun Trainer in action, watch our Junior Gizmo video below.

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 *Disclosure: Thanks to Step2 for sending us a Homerun Trainer sample for review consideration. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own. Affiliate links used in this post.