Step2 Shootin Hoops Junior Basketball Set Review

One of the most classic toys for both boy and girl toddlers is a basketball net. I am very happy with the Step2 Shootin Hoops Junior Basketball Set, mainly because my 3.5 year old son will shoot hoops all day on it!

Step2 Shootin Hoops Junior Basketball Set

My son received this particular basketball set for Christmas last year. At 3.5 years old, he has played with his fair share of basketball nets at his friends’ houses, school, and playgroups. However, this was the first basketball net he’s had at home.

I am really pleased with it. It is so simple – it doesn’t adjust, which is a plus for me. That means less to deal with! It is a great height for my son to play with for a while – he still must throw the basketball over his head to reach the net. My daughter (16 months) has taken an interest in the net as well, and even though it is much taller than her, she still attempts to shoot the ball. My daughter is short for her age, so I believe this will be great for toddlers 18 months and up.

step 2 basketball

There are two “compartments” built into the base. They are the perfect size to hold a water bottle. The included basketball (6 inches in diameter) also fits perfectly on top of the other compartment.

The rim of the net is very sturdy. My son doesn’t necessarily hang on the net, but he has gotten rough with it and I have not once felt worried he would pull it down on himself. The basketball rim height is 42 inchesĀ from the floor. The backboard is large, which helps my son work on his shot. I’ve noticed his gross motor skills have improved since practicing his shooting every day!

shootin hoops

The basketball net can be used indoors or outdoors. It is made from a durable plastic, and includes a real woven net. It is very simple to assemble.

Overall, I can’t say enough about the Step2 Shootin Hoops Junior Basketball Set! My son loves to play with it each and every day.

The Step2 Shootin Hoops Junior Basketball Set is currently on sale at Toys R Us for $20!