Step2 Studio Art Desk Review (VIDEO)

Studio Art Desk

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to really get our holiday shopping done. Thanksgiving was late this year so we don’t have much time left! Christmas Eve is just 3 weeks away! Today we wanted to highlight a great gift for the budding artist in your life. The Step2 Studio Art Desk is a great option for creative kids. Step2 doesn’t put an age range on this desk but we think it is best for ages 2-6. This two-in-one desk features an adjustable work surface board that folds down for a traditional desk or lift it up for an easel complete with white board.

Step2 Art Desk

There is a large side “pocket” for notebooks, books or paper, and a removable side cup perfect for markers, paint brushes and pencils. To keep everything organized, there are also  little compartments for glue sticks, scissors and crayons and two large bins on shelves to hold art supplies.

The desk includes the chair but you’ll want to pick up the art supplies if you give this as a gift because it does not come with any. The desk retails for a reasonable $79.

We have two Lil’ Baby Gizmo testers to show you the workbench up close and personal!

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