Stitch Fix Unboxing #10

Oh, it’s that time again. Time to decide what I keep and what goes back to Stitch Fix. I took a mini-break from Stitch Fix for a few months since I didn’t really need any new clothes when winter was winding down, but thought I could use a few new pieces for summer. I asked my stylist to stay clear of shorts, bags, shoes and sleeveless shirts that don’t look good without a cardigan or jacket. Yep, I’m hard to please fashion-wise. It’s just that I know what I like to wear and I don’t want to waste any of the 5 options that come in the box with something I’m never, ever going to keep from Stitch Fix. Shorts are tricky because of length and fit so I save those for buying at the store and I rarely wear sleeveless shirt without something that goes over it. Oh yeah, and I just don’t need any shoes or bags right now.

So, yesterday the box came and we dove right in with a Baby Gizmo Unboxing Video!

If you want to try out Stitch Fix for yourself, head to their website to create an account!

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In case you want to cheat and jump right to the photos of the clothes, here are some pics that I posted on our Baby Gizmo Facebook page last night. I highly recommend watching the video though because you can see my reaction to each piece and it’s important to see the back of the grey shirt.

stitch fix