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  1. I LOVE that show, the first time I watched, I too was in amazement. Then I realized that I was sooo on for the challenge. I haven’t gone crazy yet, but I try to “extreem coupon” 1-2 items a week. So far it seems to be paying off!
    Thanks for the websites!

  2. I love the show!!! It has inspired me to coupon. still getting the hang of it. I saved $40 bucks on my first trip out. I have a lot to learn. Thank you for the websites!

  3. I am trying to build up a 3 months supply of food and water in case of emergencies, unemployment, etc. & to cut down on grocery bills. I am starting with canned food and staples like rice and wheat that last for many years. So far I have about 1 month. The really cool thing is that I buy what my family eats so I am using and replenishing it almost every day instead of wasting it. There are sites online to help and you can even go farther and get powdered eggs, milk, butter, etc. I’ve learned a lot of new recipes and cooking from scratch actually tastes better and is not that hard. It’s great not to have to run to the store when you need just one thing. Plus you do the same kind of stockpiling as you would for non-food items when they go on sale. My favorite sites are and I just love all their checklists and planners and recipes and most of their services are free!

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