Stokke Announces New Crusi and Scoot Strollers

Stokke Strollers


There is big news in the stroller world and we are super excited about it! After a 7 year hiatus of debuting a new stroller, the Norwegian stroller company, Stokke, has announced they will be adding two new strollers, the Crusi and Scoot, at the beginning of 2013.

Stokke Strollers

The Stokke Crusi is the more full-featured stroller of the two new options. This reversible seat stroller will accommodates up to 33 lbs. It will sport an adjustable handle, higher seat with 5 recline positions, large basket, adjustable foot rest, and linked rear brakes. The Crusi will roll on rear puncture proof tires and front lockable swivel wheels for superb maneuverability.

Strokke Crusi

And if that isn’t enough, the Crusi will transform into a double stroller with a second seat option, making it the first double stroller for Stokke! The Crusi price is said to be $1430 and is slated to be released in North America in mid-February 2013. (Yes expensive, right?!? It’s Stokke though, you didn’t expect it to be cheap, did you?!?)

Stokke Crusi

Stokke Crusi

The Stokke Scoot is the lighter (and cheaper!) of the two new offerings. It weighs in just under 22 lbs, sports a reversible seat, easy one-handed compact fold, fabulous push, adjustable handle and foot rest. The 3-panel canopy will have a large mesh opening to allow air to circulate through the seat and the soft suspension will give baby a smooth ride.

We love that the stroller sports the higher seat that the Xplory is famous for to encourage parent/baby bonding and give the option to turn the stroller into an impromptu high chair.

Stokke ScootCheck out the fold on this stroller! Super easy for a Stokke! Love it!Stokke ScootStokke ScootThe Stokke Scoot is reported to be available in mid-February 2013 for $900.

Both the Stokke Scoot and Crusi will be available in 7 colors – black, red, brown, dark navy, purple, beige and light green.

*Too bad Stokke didn’t show at the ABC Kids Expo this week because we would have loved to bring you a sneak peek video! Stay tuned for our full Baby Gizmo video review coming soon when the stroller is released!


  1. Between the xplory and crusi, used only as a single stroller, which one do u think is better?
    (I dont the additional seat option so if need be i’d probably jst buy a double stroller etc)

  2. My son who just turned 2 is 33lbs and far from overweight. They are beautiful strollers, but if I am gonna spend a mortgage payment on a stroller, it better be worth it.

  3. 33 lbs is correct, Bugaboo weight limit is under 40lbs too (37 I think). These super high end strollers don’t make sense for most people, but for some Price isn’t a considering factor. must be nice, lol

  4. add 10 lbs to the weight limit and then you might be worth buying but with other strollers having over 45 or even 55 lb limit– why would anyone get a stroller that would not be useable when one still needed a stroller. This just doesn’t make ANY sense!


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