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  1. I saw this stroller at a baby show and fell in love with it. Still considering it as one of my top contenders (my baby is due in January).

    Would anyone happen to know if this stroller would be any good in the snow?

    1. oh!!! It’s just my question 🙂 I’m expecting my baby in January and we’ll have lots of snow here…Could you, PLEASE, let me know – how it was in the snow?

  2. I purchased this stroller and have enjoyed using it. There are so many little details that some of those pricey strollers don’t have. Thanks for your review because this was the only review I could find online. I purchased it from Kohls and I used coupons which drastically dropped the price. Overall I would highly recommend this stroller!

  3. Hi, I was very impressed w/the StrollAir CosmoS Stroller but, to my dismay I cannot find the stroller on line in any store. I would like to see this product in person. Can you tell me what stores has this stroller in NYC? Thank you

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