Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

None of my strollers have a snack tray. A few months ago this wasn’t a bad thing but now that my youngest is self-feeding (and mommy needs some O’s to keep him happy every once in a while) it’s becoming a problem. I’ve tried the special Snack Cups but he’s at that in-between age… he thinks the Boon Snack Ball is a bouncy ball and the Snack Trap is more like a hand trap. Any bowl and lid combination just ends up dumped on the floor! He’s only 13 months, he doesn’t get the concept quite yet.

So, I started looking for alternative options… until Bugaboo decides to make an accessory for their bumper bar. Pssst. Bugaboo! Are you listening? Pretty please with a Cameleon sugar on top? Or maybe a separate accessory/tray that can replace the bumper bar? A mom can dream, right?

Carry You makes the Siena Stroller Snack Tray for strollers with bumper bars. I use this one on the bumper bar. It fits okay and does what it’s supposed to but my son does have a hard time getting the smaller snack out of the bottom unless I face the tray inward.

Safe Fit makes a Snack Pod for umbrella strollers and strollers with no bumper bar. I just got one for our Maclaren Volo and it seems to work just fine. It has an adjustable tension that you control with a twist knob on the side that faces out. So far, my son hasn’t noticed it or hasn’t been able to reach it.

 Sassy has a Jungle Jamboree Stroller Play Pad that has a removable snack cup and claims to fit all types of strollers. Toys and snacks, what more could a stroller passenger want?

Sassy also has a Stroller Activity Bar which says it can be attached to a tray. I wonder if it can be attached to a bumper bar as well?

Stroller Mate has a Snack Tray that you can actually attach (semi-permanately) to your stroller, has anyone seen one of these or have one?