Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

None of my strollers have a snack tray. A few months ago this wasn’t a bad thing but now that my youngest is self-feeding (and mommy needs some O’s to keep him happy every once in a while) it’s becoming a problem. I’ve tried the special Snack Cups but he’s at that in-between age… he thinks the Boon Snack Ball is a bouncy ball and the Snack Trap is more like a hand trap. Any bowl and lid combination just ends up dumped on the floor! He’s only 13 months, he doesn’t get the concept quite yet.

So, I started looking for alternative options… until Bugaboo decides to make an accessory for their bumper bar. Pssst. Bugaboo! Are you listening? Pretty please with a Cameleon sugar on top? Or maybe a separate accessory/tray that can replace the bumper bar? A mom can dream, right?

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

Carry You makes the Siena Stroller Snack Tray for strollers with bumper bars. I use this one on the bumper bar. It fits okay and does what it’s supposed to but my son does have a hard time getting the smaller snack out of the bottom unless I face the tray inward.

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

Safe Fit makes a Snack Pod for umbrella strollers and strollers with no bumper bar. I just got one for our Maclaren Volo and it seems to work just fine. It has an adjustable tension that you control with a twist knob on the side that faces out. So far, my son hasn’t noticed it or hasn’t been able to reach it.

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

 Sassy has a Jungle Jamboree Stroller Play Pad that has a removable snack cup and claims to fit all types of strollers. Toys and snacks, what more could a stroller passenger want? Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

Sassy also has a Stroller Activity Bar which says it can be attached to a tray. I wonder if it can be attached to a bumper bar as well?

Stroller Snack Tray? Yes, please!

Stroller Mate has a Snack Tray that you can actually attach (semi-permanately) to your stroller, has anyone seen one of these or have one?


  1. I’m looking to get the chicco liteway plus stroller since it can hold the car seat as well 🙂 but the only thing holding me from buying it is that it doesn’t come with a snack tray. Do you have any updates about the trays listed above could fit this particular stroller?

  2. I saw the stroller on Ebay a few months back and went to the companys actual website. I wasnt sure at first if it would fit on the Graco Mosaic, so I emailed them and they emailed me back a day later saying it would, so I ended up purchasing it off of Ebay because it was a little bit cheaper and it fit perfectly on the stroller. We normally use it when we goto the park or to outdoor events. I like it because we dont have to take our big stroller all the time.

  3. Can’ remember the details- think the proto type does not unsnap off on the side to get baby out…sorry i don’t remember more! it IS coming though…!!

  4. Hillary, WHAT?! Do tell!!!!!

    Autumn, the Cary You is HUGE! (bulky and length wise). I don’t have a Combi but I have seen them and they are tiny… you might want to go test one of these trays out before buying (or make sure you can easily return it).

    Sari, I once read that European strollers weren’t designed with snack trays in mind because they don’t “snack on the go” where they are made. I would sure hope that things are changing now that they market and sell their strollers to people that DO snack on the go 🙂

  5. The Carry You model looks like the best bet for my (cheap) Combi stroller, but I’m a little concerned about my child not being able to really root around for smaller snack pieces in the deep pockets. Another concern – it doesn’t look easy to clean. Thanks for sharing the list. I will probably get the Carry You model, unless someone knows of a better one 😉

  6. I bought the snack trays for my double stroller and the tray part is great, but the cup holders are too small for any cups that we have. I have the Safe Fit snack pod and it’s nice because you can either put the snacks right in or use the cups that they give you with it and the other side holds our spill proof straw cups. The only problem I find with it is that if I put it directly in front of my kids they can’t see over it and if I put it on the sides I don’t fit through doorways. So, we seem to use our snack tray more and I just give them their drinks and take them back and throw them back in the diaper bag. It’s definitely annoying and I can’t figure out why these companies can’t get it together. They know the size of sippy and straw cups so what’s so complicated about making a holder that actually holds the cups. Plus, the only way to keep my kids in a stroller for any length of time (and by that I mean more then 5-10 minutes) is to give them snacks.

    I’ve never seen the stroller mate one! I’d be interested to find out about the size of the cup holder and if it is actual “universal”.


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