Stylish Teething Necklaces for Mom

Does your baby like to chew on everything? Do they squirm/run away during a diaper change? Or perhaps they enjoy pinching/scratching you while your nursing? Whatever it is, there are many necklaces available that may hold your baby’s attention for more than 5 seconds, and are even safe for them to chew on. Here are some of our favorites:

Chewbeads Hudson Necklace– from $36.50

Made from 100% silicone and available in pink, ivory, black and gray, who would ever know these are teethers? They can be gently hand-washed or put in the dishwasher.

Buy the Chewbeads Hudson Necklace HERE


Little Tadpole Designs Teething Necklace – from $17.00


Both beautiful and functional, this is a solid hardwood ring with two Kambala Jasper stone beads securely tightened inside. The wooden ring is finished with a light rub of certified organic sunflower oil for a golden sheen and is safe for your baby to teeth away on to their heart’s content. The black nylon cord is knotted with double slip knots so the length is adjustable.

Buy the Little Tadpole Designs Teething Necklace HERE


Smartmom Teething Bling Donut Shaped Necklace– from $15.30

A black silky necklace cord holds a beautiful jade colored teething ring made of 100% silicone that is sure to keep your baby occupied. The double chord measures 14 inches in length, and the teething ring measures 2 inches. It comes in a range of colors and there is a breakaway clasp that closes behind the neck.

Buy the Smart Mom Teething Bling Donut Shaped Necklace in Jade HEREĀ 


Chewbeads Jane Necklace – from $29.50

Made of 100% silicone, smart and simple, this is designed to keep your baby occupied while looking chic on you. It comes in a whole range of colors like black, turquoise, pink, blue, green, brown, ivory, cherry red and gray.

Buy the Chewbeads Jane Necklace HERE