Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Product Review

Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Product Review

I got a Bumbo seat, as a new mom, because I was a sucker for parental peer pressure. “What’s parental peer pressure?” you ask. Well, it’s what happens when you do something because all the cool/normal/well-adjusted parents you know are doing it.

Everyone had a Bumbo. And everyone was all in love with their Bumbos. So to be cool and like everyone else, and like a dumbo, I got a Bumbo.

At the time, when my daughter was four months old, and before learning about the Bumbo’s issues, I used it as a floor seat, then progressed to a feeding seat at 8 months when she started solids.

Long story short, the Bumbo proved a waste of money, leading to lots of mealtime “adventures” on account of my daughter’s clever abilities as an escape artist. So I began looking for an alternative.

I almost went with the Bebepod when a neighbor informed me that she was moving and had some baby products to give away. One of the items was a Summer Infant Super Seat.

I hadn’t heard of the Super Seat before then, but considering that it was free, I thought I’d give it a try.

Before using it, I did some research on the Super Seat. I learned that it typically goes for $49.99 at most online retailers. It’s touted as the best alternative to the Bumbo seat.

How the Super Seat compares to the Bumbo seat:

  • The Bumbo seat is usually sold with a seat alone. Trays are also available for the Bumbo seat, however. But these trays are purchased separately.
  • The snack tray of the Super Seat rotates and can be easily removed with one hand.
  • The Super Seat can be used as a feeding and activity seat for infants (starting at 4 months) and a booster seat for older toddlers (according to the manufacturer: up to age 4).
  • Unlike the Bumbo seat, the Super Seat features a three-point harness at the base of the seat. (One of the major criticisms waged against the Bumbo seat is that it does not include a safety harness, making falls a serious probability for small children )
  • The Super Seat has a wider base than the Bumbo seat and is made out of plastic, rather than foam.

Perhaps what I love most about the Super Seat is the activity tray with toys. When using it with my first daughter, I loved that I could use it, at least in the beginning, to keep my infant entertained enough to stay put during mealtimes.

Some other features of the Super Seat that I like:

  • The safety point harness, along with the tray, did much to keep my infant seated during mealtimes.
  • The hard plastic of the tray is easy to clean.
  • It is lightweight, making transport easy.
  • The gender-neutral colors can work with a boy or girl child.

As an added bonus, three weeks into having our Super Seat, I misplaced our safety harness. I called the manufacturer to ask about the cost to replace the harness and was told that I could receive one for free in 3-5 business days. Sweet!

What I don’t like about the Super Seat:

  • The booster seat doesn’t fit well on any of the chairs in my home.
  • The booster seat’s plastic seems like it could easily crack.
  • The toys on the activity tray are hard to clean.

Would I recommend this product to other parents? It depends. In hindsight, and if I didn’t receive my Super Seat for free, I probably would have just bought a standard highchair instead. But for parents who want something similar to the Bumbo, the Super Seat is a great alternative that could potentially prove that it’s “worth” the $49.99 paid if you are able to use it throughout the first four years of your child’s life.

Shop the Summer Infant Super Seat HERE


  1. I have this seat and it’s the best thing in the world for me and my son. I choose it over the bumbo because of the toys and the multi-functionality. We’ve been using it since he’s been able to sit up on his own, about 3.5-4 months old. He loves the toys on the tray. I do a lot of visiting friends homes. This seat allows me to keep my son contained for a little while if I decide not to use his pack n play. It’s so lightweight that I can carry my son who is 14 months, the big diaper bag, and the chair all at the same time. I use this anytime I know he will be eating at a friend’s home. I can use it on top of their counter or table and also strap it to a chair..inside or out of the house. If I have him on a table or counter, I DO NOT leave his side because there’s no way to strap it down. He has leaned forward enough to try to get out and it did tip. I clean the entire seat and toys with a soapy sponge and rinse it with the sink hose. I think it cleans up really well. The only cons about it are sometimes it’s hard to get the try back on and it does take up a lot of space in the SUV. I keep it on the back seat behind the driver’s seat since I don’t really use that side.

  2. I bought this seat for my second son because it had a harness, it wasn’t foam and it had toys. We used it only for entertaining and it was nice for short periods of time. I went to take the tray and the toys apart to store it for the next child and in the process the plastic tray cracked in numerous places. I contacted Summer Infant and they paid for me to ship back the broken seat back and immediately sent me a replacement at not cost. I think the fact that it has a harness puts it above a Bumbo or Bebepod. Babies are very squirmy and you never know what they are capable of until something happens. Better safe than sorry in my book.


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