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  1. Hello! I just bought the stroller 3 days ago but I am having difficulties trying to recline the seat, it worked really well the first two days but since yesterday it seems like it’s locked or something, I really need to fix it but I don’t know how. Help please

  2. Hi Hollie, I have actually bought the Summer Infant Fuze Travel System (with the car seat). Baby is due in a couple of months so cannot test drive till then. But after getting it home i dont think I am getting a compact fold. We drive sedans so a compact fold is important to us. How would you rate this over the Britax B Agile Travel System?
    Both of these are in our budget range and we liked both but ended up liking the summer infant fuze a little more hence bought it. But now having second thoughts. Any advice?

  3. I’ve watched over 50 of your videos and you’ve really been helpful in helping me narrow down my options! But I’m stuck at this point and could use your help 🙂 I love the summer fuze, but I live in the country side in Ontario, Canada and will be doing a lot of walking on some rough gravel during the summer but mostly on paved sidewalks, and will also use it in the snow. Can the summer fuze handle this? We are looking for a stroller that has everything the summer fuze offers (reversible seats, at least 50 lbs – we are a tall couple so expecting a tall baby!) and feel the summer fuze is probably the best option? But I’m just hesitant about the wheels. Any advise or recommendations would be extremely helpful. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Mona! The Fuze is a good stroller but I’m not sure it is the perfect one for you. If you will be using the stroller on rough gravel and snow, I’m thinking that a different type of all-terrain stroller would be better. Is a reversible seat a must-have for you? If not, the new Bumbleride Indie 4 with the air-filled tires or a Britax BOB Motion might be a better fit.

  4. Would you take the fuze over bj city versa or even the UB vista? I know they are all priced accordingly to their features but from a value point and for a suburban family one child. Thoughts .

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