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Summer Infant Fuze Stroller Video Review

Summer Infant recently launched a new line of strollers. The Fuze stroller is their full-featured, luxury option that offers a reversible seat, adjustable handle, large, accessible basket, easy fold and travel system capability.

Summer Infant Fuze


The Fuze has a 50 lb weight capacity with a seat that measures 13″ wide, with an 20″ seat back (that’s tall!) and a measurement of 23″ from back of seat to top of canopy. The 5-point, adjustable, padded harness adjusted easily but has a super easy to undo buckle. Your mischievous toddlers will be out of the seat in a jiffy. Luckily, Summer Infant included a belly pad sewn to the seat (so it doesn’t continuously fall off!) that covers the buckle.

Summer Infant Fuze

The seat doesn’t have an adjustable leg rest but it does have a long “leg drop” which measures 11″ from where the seat breaks (right behind your child’s knees) to where they place their feet. It also has a removable, swing-away baby bumper bar.

The seat has a typical “luxury stroller recline” where the entire seat reclines back keeping it’s wide “v” shape. It has three positions: Upright (actually slightly back!), half-way back and fully-reclined. Since the seat is considered fully-reclined, it is suitable for a newborn.  For those parents looking for a reversible seat, this one has it! Yep, the seat will give your rider a view of the world or if you switch it around, just a view a mommy’s or daddy’s beautiful face.


Under the seat is a huge, accessible basket that even has a bar that pushes down for more accessibility. You’ll be able to fit a very large diaper bag and baby essentials in this one.

On the back of the seat, there is also two small, mesh pockets to hold a few parent essentials and we love that a cup holder is included that can be attached on either side of the handlebar.

Summer Infant Fuze


The canopy is a decent size (not the biggest but not the smallest either!) and sports a peek-a-boo window. The canopy window has a cover with magnetic closures (yah! no Velcro!) but the closures could be a bit stronger as they don’t hold the cover down especially on a windy day.

Fuze Canopy


The adjustable handlebar on the Fuze was designed for shorter and taller parents. It adjusts up and down from 30″ to 41″ from ground to handle.

Fuze Handle


The stroller rolls on 9” wheels in the back with rear suspension and 6 1/2″ wheels in the front. The front wheels are swivel wheels with the ability to lock straight for a bit of mommy terrain such as grass and playground mulch. There is also a one step parking brake that is easy to do on the back wheel bar.

Summer Infant Fuze


Folding the Fuze is a two-handed deal but it’s easy to do. Push a red safety button, pull up on two black levers with your fingers and the stroller folds down and locks automatically. If you place the handlebar all the way to the canopy before you fold it, you’ll get a standing fold. The stroller weighs in at 22 lbs which is on the lighter-weight side for a full-featured stroller.

Summer Infant Fuze


fuze basket

If you are looking for a travel system, you’ll be pleased that the Fuze comes with a universal car seat adapter that works with a Graco, Peg Perego, Chicco or Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seats.


The Summer Infant Fuze is stocked with some great luxury features but has a more affordable price than some of its chic counterparts. The Fuze retails for $349 and is available is two colors: green/grey and black.

SHOP the Summer Infant Fuze Stroller HERE

Now that you have read all about the stroller, why not watch it up close and personal in our Baby Gizmo Video review?

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Saturday 18th of May 2019

Hello! I just bought the stroller 3 days ago but I am having difficulties trying to recline the seat, it worked really well the first two days but since yesterday it seems like it’s locked or something, I really need to fix it but I don’t know how. Help please


Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

Hi Hollie, I have actually bought the Summer Infant Fuze Travel System (with the car seat). Baby is due in a couple of months so cannot test drive till then. But after getting it home i dont think I am getting a compact fold. We drive sedans so a compact fold is important to us. How would you rate this over the Britax B Agile Travel System? Both of these are in our budget range and we liked both but ended up liking the summer infant fuze a little more hence bought it. But now having second thoughts. Any advice? Thanks


Tuesday 13th of May 2014

I've watched over 50 of your videos and you've really been helpful in helping me narrow down my options! But I'm stuck at this point and could use your help :) I love the summer fuze, but I live in the country side in Ontario, Canada and will be doing a lot of walking on some rough gravel during the summer but mostly on paved sidewalks, and will also use it in the snow. Can the summer fuze handle this? We are looking for a stroller that has everything the summer fuze offers (reversible seats, at least 50 lbs - we are a tall couple so expecting a tall baby!) and feel the summer fuze is probably the best option? But I'm just hesitant about the wheels. Any advise or recommendations would be extremely helpful. Thanks :) Mona

Hollie Schultz

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

Hey Mona! The Fuze is a good stroller but I'm not sure it is the perfect one for you. If you will be using the stroller on rough gravel and snow, I'm thinking that a different type of all-terrain stroller would be better. Is a reversible seat a must-have for you? If not, the new Bumbleride Indie 4 with the air-filled tires or a Britax BOB Motion might be a better fit.


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Would you take the fuze over bj city versa or even the UB vista? I know they are all priced accordingly to their features but from a value point and for a suburban family one child. Thoughts .

Hollie Schultz

Friday 4th of April 2014

Out of those three options - I'd go with the UppaBaby Vista.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.