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Sun Safety: Cute Swimwear That Covers

Apparently, you only need about five really bad sunburns to increase your chances of skin cancer (according to this article by Today Health & Wellness).

With both of my parents growing up in Arizona, I have been taught a healthy respect for sun safety. And being pretty pasty white, it’s a good thing they burned the importance of sunscreen into my brain because I burn really quickly. It’s no surprise that I’ve ended up giving birth to two very pasty white kids as well! My daughter is old enough for me to slather her with that life-saving, toxic sunscreen, but my 4-month-old son isn’t quite there yet. Since most doctors advise not to use sunscreen on a baby until he or she is at least 6 months old, how do you keep that little one safe from sunburns?

Short answer: cover up.

“But what about the adorable two piece swimsuit I just bought for my baby girl? Babies in bikinis are so cute!”

You can still dress your baby in those, but consider other options to add to the outfit.

Sun safety is no joke, guys. Anyone can develop Melanoma and you never know when a bad sunburn will be one too many. Even for your older kids, it wouldn’t hurt to reconsider that two-piece bathing suit and cover up a little more to protect from those sun rays.

But covering up doesn’t have to equal ugly, boring, or lame. I’m not suggesting some ankle, wrist length scuba suit with no shape or form to them. There are some cute options for babies (and kids) for swimwear that modestly covers their sensitive skin while looking fashionable and adorable! Here are some options I’ve found in case you’re interested:


Is your baby as bald as an old man (like mine)? Swim caps! These things are freaking adorable on babies and covers those hairless noggins.

swim cap combined

Find swim caps on,,, and more


boy shark swim cap

National Geographic Swim Cap found at


For the times the babe isn’t in the pool, but relaxing with momma on the beach, cover them up with a cute suit cover-up! Hooded poncho towels work just as well, and you can find some super cute ones easily on Amazon.

hooded towel swim cover

Found on


cover up girl

Found at


Swim shirt/rash guard bathing suit two-piece combos are another option. Gymboree and Carter have some really cute designs, which you can find on Amazon or in stores like Target. You can do full length arms or short sleeve, but either choice will protect a little more of your baby’s delicate skin than a normal swimsuit or bikini will.

rashgaurd cover

Panda Girl’s Rash guard suit from Gymboree



rashgaurd short sleeve girl

Cute short sleeve swim suit found at



rashgaurd boy covers

Carter’s Boy s’ Crab Rash Guard found at


Or you can do a full suit for your baby that covers a bit more, like these ones from Target:

swim suit full boy covers

Just One You Made By Carter’s, found at

And for mom? Did you know swim dresses were a thing? I didn’t, until now. Some look pretty frumpy, but if you search hard enough, you find these beauties!

mom suits cover

Find more swim dresses like these at

I’ve seen a lot of moms just hang out on the beach or pool-side, watching their kids from afar because they don’t feel comfortable in a traditional bathing suit or just don’t like getting wet very much. These dresses are fabulous because they don’t necessarily look like anything you’d go swim in, BUT if the mood hits you, or your kids convince you to actually get in the pool with them, you’re ready to jump right in! Then, just dry in the sun and head straight to the café for lunch without having to change! All the while covering a little more skin to avoid those nasty burns.


I’m not trying to shame you into putting more clothes on your baby. Those little ruffled two-piece swimsuits for girls are so sweet and little boys running around without a shirt on is normal. But if you have the fear of burns like I do, I hope these suggestions for equally as cute options work for you!

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