Sun Smarties Family Beach Cabana Tent product review

My twins were born into a beach-loving family. Last summer, One Step Ahead’s Sun Smarties Infant Cabana Beach Tent was a lifesaver when it came to keeping them protected from the sun and the elements.

This year, as we prepare to move to Los Angeles in July—and consequently spend lots more time at the beach—we are going to need a little something more. The boys turn two soon and will no longer fit in their little infant cabana. So, we have graduated to the larger version of it—the Sun Smarties Family Beach Cabana Tent. We already love it!

Sun Smartie

Though we have yet to test the cabana on the beach, we did try it out on our front lawn on an extremely windy Colorado day. It was very easy to set up, it stood up nicely to the wind, and my boys had a blast playing in it!

Sun Smartie

First of all, the polyester tent is huge— 86 ½” long x 49 ¼” deep x 47 ¼” high. All four of us fit easily in it, which means the twins will have plenty of room to spread out with their sand toys.

The tent provides UPF 50+ protection and blocks 98% of dangerous UV rays. It has mesh ventilation panels to let air in while keeping out sand and insects. You can zip up the entrance and roll down the shades if you want privacy for clothing or diaper changes—or if your kids just want to keep out intruders! Other cool features of the Beach Cabana Tent include inner and outer storage pockets and a flag you could put on top that makes it easy to find.

Sun Smartie

Sounds like it would be a chore to lug the tent to the beach, right? Actually, it couldn’t be easier. The tent folds up into a 25” inch carry bag that it comes with. You can wear it on your back like a backpack, freeing up your arms to tote beach bags and chairs. And it is super light to carry!

Sun Smartie

We set the tent up in minutes. You simply remove it from the backpack, pop it open, and anchor it to the sand or dirt with the four corner spikes (or fill the corner pockets with sand to weigh it down).

Folding the tent back up is a bit trickier. Many reviewers on the One Step Ahead website reported having a lot of difficulty with it. One Step Ahead has a demo video on the product page, but many reviewers found this YouTube video to be most helpful. My husband and I were able to fold the tent after a few tries by simply reading the instructions that came with it, but it definitely helped that there were two of us. Folding it up solo would be a bit harder.

The Sun Smarties Family Beach Cabana Tent typically retails for $79.95 at, but is currently priced at $63.96.

*Disclosure: One Step Ahead sent us a Cabana for our review. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.