Super Uppa Baby VISTA Sale Today

Super Uppa Baby VISTA Sale Today

This sale is a rare one, my friends!  The Uppa Baby Vista in Maya (and only in Maya) is $200 off at  That’s right you can get the VISTA stroller in Special Edition Maya Yellow for only $499.  That is quite the deal for the VISTA and the lowest price we’ve seen!  We are not sure how long the price will be this low so you might want to jump on it if you planned to get a VISTA anyway.

SHOP for this special deal here.

Super Uppa Baby VISTA Sale Today



  1. Totally planned to get the vista but I’m worried about the color……will this stroller still look nice in 3 months from now?

    • Hi Shira,
      The yellow might get dirty. Maybe you could put a fun stroller seat liner in to keep it clean? Or since you are saving $200 – you could buy the color swap kit to swap out the fabric? – Hollie


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