Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle!

Technically Baby #3 can come at any time. I’m only 16 days away from my due date and still have tons of things to do. One of the things on my growing (and never ending…) to-do list is to practice my 2 a.m. swaddle. With the first baby the nurses in the hospital were so accommodating and would come in all hours of the day and night to come swaddle my little baby like a burrito. Sure they would try and teach me but I think they could tell by my glazed over eyes that whatever they said was falling on deaf (and very tired) ears. It wasn’t until I got home that I really learned the “ultimate swaddle” — which consisted of several attempts at rolling and tucking that blanket so tight that I thought it just looked so uncomfortable but Baby Girl seemed to love it.

Then came Baby #2. This time around the nurses were not so accommodating and I’m not sure if it’s because it was a holiday weekend or if they just knew it was my second child and that swaddling was second nature to me. No-one came to swaddle him as much as they did the first one. I was devastated. Of course, I’m out of practice and don’t remember…which is exactly how I feel again today — almost two years and nine months later. Thank goodness that the swaddle market has caught up with my thinking and there is more than just one option when it comes to blankets and swaddling. So now whether you’re an expert swaddler or more like me…there’s a swaddle option that will make it easy at 2 a.m., 4 a.m. and even at noon!

A contraption made with me in mind…velcro tabs and a pocket to slip baby inside all in one. The Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blanket, $10.68, at amazon.com.

This swaddle blanket claims to help fussy babies sleep and help eliminate colic…sounds like a miracle to me!  The Miracle Blanket, $24.99, at amazon.com.

This swaddle blanket is the first one on my list because it has a zipper for quick diaper changes and then back to sleeping. Summer Infant Swaddle Pod, $12.99, at babyearth.com.

If you’re an expert swaddler, you probably adore the muslin blankets…even I’m not an expert and I adore them. Plus, they’re great multi-purpose blankets once you go beyond the swaddling stage. aden + anais 4 pack Muslin Swaddle Wrap, $34, at amazon.com.

I love this swaddle blanket because the 1-2-3 directions are sewn on the inside of the blanket and it’s muslin material which is great for post-swaddling uses. SwaddleDesigns Lightweight Marquisette Swaddling Blanket, $13.11, at amazon.com.

So many swaddle options…but at this point, I’ll take one of each!

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Alexis Snow

You are missing the best one of them all! The Swaddle Designs blanket in the thin flannel is better and stays swaddled much longer than those muslin options. Believe me… I’ve tried them all. And with the winter months coming, you will love how warm it keeps the baby. And the Swaddle Designs sleep sack is the perfect transition from a swaddle as they get older. Love ours.