Swimming Necessities for Toddlers and Babies

Going to the pool or beach with small children can be a lot of fun. Really. The secret to making it fun is having the right gear, the right necessities to make the experience enjoyable for all parties involved.

Here are a few items that you should pack when going for swim with a toddler or baby.

Swimpants. For cloth diapering parents to parents whose children rock disposables, there are some great options out there for swimpants. Whatever kind of swimpants you choose, be sure that it a) is easy to use, b) absorbs well, c) is comfortable, and d) is practical.

 Sunblock. Sunblock lotions are great, but sunblock sprays are perhaps the most convenient option for toddlers or babies on the go. My favorite sunblock spray is Coppertone Water Babies Quick Cover Sunscreen Lotion Spray.

Sunhats and sunglasses. When playing in the water, you’ll want to make sure that your little one is cool and protected from the sun. You’ll want to make sure that you bring along sunhats and sunglasses that will stay on.

 Fully covered swim shoes or swim socks.

Swim shoes are a great for walking toddlers.

This one is particularly important for trips to the pool, since often these places have concrete surfaces that heat up to very high temperatures when under the sun. I like fully covered shoes just because, in my experience, they stay on better and are easier to wear in the water.

Snacks. Swimming burns a lot of calories and is exhausting. Snacks, healthy snacks, are a great way to ensure your little one is getting the fuel needed.

Water. Along with drinking water, just having water to rinse hands and faces of sand, for instance, is important.

 Clean towels. Keep several clean towels on hand. Be sure to bring extra bags to separate clean and dirty towels.

Life vests. Most amusement parks and some pools have vests available for children, but some do not. For this reason, it’s best to bring your own life vest. Oh, and be sure to learn how to use it before you get to your destination.

What swimming necessities do you bring along to enjoy the water with your little ones?