Swoop it up with Swoop Bags

Gone are the days of using your shirt to clean up toys.

No, really…

(This is how I clean up toys)

Sarah, a mom of two boys, created the durable, simple, colorful and fun Swoop Bag… and it really is the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one.

We put a Swoop Bag to the test and I’m pleased to say that my shirts are no longer stretched out. My little guys (1 and 3) use it for their building blocks, train sets and cars while my older son (9) relishes in the fact that he has a secure place to spread out all his millions of LEGO pieces while trying to find specific bricks.


While your child doesn’t have to play directly on the Swoop Bag, doing so is a great way to show younger children all about controlled space. Because each Swoop Bag is a fun and bright color, my kids are naturally drawn to it and want to play directly on the open Swoop Bag.

Learning and experimenting with controlled space helps a child learn boundaries, helps perfect motor skills and teaches responsibility.


I’m all for my children helping with clean up time. I’m also all for any way, system or “trick” to make clean up time enjoyable (read: no temper tantrums) for all of those involved. I also like modern, easy to use and practical storage solutions for our house. Here’s how easy the Swoop Bag really is…

When you are ready to clean up, simply fold the two sides towards the center so that the cording is easily accessible.

Pull both sides of the cording up to surround the toys.

The Swoop Bag stays closed — even when placed on the floor — until you open it back up.


One of my favorite parts about the Swoop Bag is the travelability. My older son can swoop up his favorite toys, take the Swoop Bag to a friend’s house, and then continue with what he was working on (or playing with) once he arrives at his buddy’s. He was able to fill the entire Swoop Bag with LEGO pieces and carry it on his shoulder– all on his own.

My little guys also like to take their prized possessions with them when we go to grandma’s house or even to a playdate. With the Swoop Bag they can help load up their toys for the day (my new rule: what doesn’t fit in the Swoop Bag, must stay home!) and we have a built-in contained area for them to play wherever we go. Plus, it makes clean up simple before heading back home. My 3-year-old can carry the Swoop Bag if I knot the cording when the bag is in the closed position (see below). Just make sure you untie the knot before opening the Swoop Bag or it will not open.


  • 100% sturdy cotton canvas
  • Durable, black nylon cording
  • Metal grommets
  • 44” diameter
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry (this right here makes me love it even more)
  • Made in the USA
  • Available colors: lime, bubble gum, mud pie, star dust blue, aquarium, orange crush

Hang it. Store it. Floor it. Love it. Swoop it!

So when you’re searching for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, make sure you get a Swoop Bag to go along with whatever you buy.

Swoop Bags retail for $45 and can be purchased on swoopbags.com