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Holiday Chex Mix – Gluten Free Snack

I just love all the holiday baking right now. Seriously, I could bake yummy treats all day long if I had the time and...
Snowman Cupcakes

How to Make Snowman Cupcakes VIDEO

Lots of baking going on right now for the holidays! There are holiday snacks, crafts, and parties galore this month. Today I wanted to...

Candy Cane Snowman Tutorial

Candy Cane Snowman Tutorial
Candy Cane Snowman

Candy Cane Snowman Tutorial (VIDEO)

Even though I love to bake, I like things that are easy to make. With three kids underfoot all the time, if the snack...
Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos If your kids are like mine, they probably devoured a ton of candy during Halloween last week. And now it is November, so...