Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day

Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 8.55.13 PMThe 4th Thursday of every April is a special day in workplaces across the country and Canada – it’s Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day! This year, it’s Thursday, April 25th, so if you’re contemplating having your munchkin join you for a half or full day, it’s time to run it by your employer and rally your coworkers.

The goal behind Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day is to, “strengthens the connection between education and work and relationships between parents and their children” – what a solid goal, a win-win for everyone! Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day begin as just Take Your Daughter To Work Day, but in 2003 it expanded to includes boys.

Since this day focuses on career exploration and understanding it is recommended for 8-18 year olds. Although, I can see some younger children benefiting from a peek at their parent’s work depending on the field. If your child has already experienced your workplace, consider connecting them with a mentor who has a job your child would like to learn more about – it’s not solely for parents and their children.

Gather more resources here and if you’ve had a past experience with Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day please share in the comments!

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  1. My dad always took me to his “Bring your kid to work day” at the Department of Ecology in Lacey. They always had really awesome activities – encouraging kids to learn more about our environment and how to protect it. They had tideland exhibits that let you experiment how quickly pollution spreads, and my favorite – hikes! This was really cool way to get kids excited about preserving the environment and planting the green seed, so to speak.


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