Taking FIVE Kids on TV – Behind the Scenes!

This week was a little crazy! I had a TV segment scheduled on WBTV Charlotte for back-to-school, which is normally no big deal, but this time I had to bring 5┬ákids on-air with me. Yeah, FIVE grade school kids between 1st and 5th grade. I don’t think I have to tell you that bringing kids on air raised the stress about 1000%.

Now, I wouldn’t have said yes if I couldn’t handle it or I didn’t think the kids could handle it. I knew we’d all do great, but in the back of my mind, I was a little nervous. Preparing for the segment and getting all the outfits for the kids was some work beforehand. We found out two days prior to the segment that one of the dresses didn’t fit (at all!) so we had to do some last minute scrambling for a replacement outfit. And a pair of shoes didn’t fit so those had to be replaced too, but all in all, the preparation went off without a hitch.

The brands that we picked to feature on TV were very helpful and I’m super pleased on how all the kids looked.

It’s not every day that you take five kids on TV (three of which are my own!) so I thought I’d bring you along with us and give you a “Behind the Scenes” video. Take a peek at the video above and see how it all went!

wbtv charlotte
Before we left the house – I was hoping that the outfits would stay this way!


tv segment
At the WBTV Station!