National Tell A Joke Day

I don’t know about you, but this momma needs a laugh.

There’s no better way to shake off some of the stress that builds each day of motherhood than humor. Which is why I’m convinced whoever deemed August 16th to be National Tell A Joke Day was, most assuredly, a mom. She probably was sitting knee deep in her children’s mess, with spit up unknowingly in her hair and nothing planned for dinner when she decided to laugh at her predicament instead of cry.

So to celebrate today’s silly joke theme (and because I can relate all too well to this made-up woman I’ve determined created this holiday), here are some of my favorite jokes, memes, and pictures that always make me laugh. Hopefully you’ll find them hilarious as well so you can add them to your arsenal for those totally crappy days we all have.




joke collage 2

joke collage 3

joke 7


joke 10








For every other day of the year—you know, all those days NOT specifically devoted to telling and hearing a joke—I suggest creating a Pinterest board of anything and everything that makes you laugh. Or anything that gets a smile out of you. Or whatever makes you blow a puff of air out your nose and type “LOL.”