Temporary Tottoos! (no, that’s not a typo)

I recently came across this image on Pinterest:

(Do you follow Baby Gizmo on there yet? Because you totally should!)

How genius are these temporary tattoos from Tottoos? 

I lost my 4-year old at an amusement park once and it was the worst experience of my life. She was only missing for about 10 minutes, but I am pretty sure those 10 minutes are responsible for at least 27 of my gray hairs and the 3 new wrinkles on my forehead.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be pasting Tottoos all over her body next time we head to Disneyland.

Not only are Tottoos great for amusement parks, but they can be used during family outings, sporting events, field trips, shopping, the airport, or any other outing where you child may potentially wander off.

Tottoos also make custom temporary tattoos for children with medical/special needs and allergies. I know that some of you moms with nut-allergy kids are going to love that!

Tottoos temporary tattoos can also be used on adults with medical needs such as alzheimer’s and other seizure disorders.¬†Prices start at $12.95 and large quantities can be ordered for school outings and you can also order packages with more than one customization.

Thank you Tottoos!