Thank you Fisher Price Doodle Pro for saving my walls (and sanity)

Two years in motherhood have humbled me. They’ve taught me many lessons. “What’s one lesson I’ve learned?” you ask.

Well, I’ve learned that in spite of some of my best efforts to have an immaculate home, my toddler will always, always foil my plans.

Along with dents in hardwood floors and chocolate stains on the carpet, fingerprints on windows, it’s my walls that have taken the biggest “beating” from my toddler. It’s my walls that have become her canvas and are now colored with markers, crayons, colored pencils, and pens.

My toddler is two, so she’s been practicing her “art” for almost a year now. In the beginning, her wall “art” didn’t bother me as much.  Then, I assumed that it could be easily removed. But, I learned through a lot of failed DIY “wall remedies” that her wall art can only be remedied with a paint job. In learning this, my husband and I concluded that we needed a new plan for preventing her art from even making it to our walls.

To this end, we bought her a Fisher Price Doddle Pro.

While recommended for children 3 and over, I adore this doodler for my 2 year old.

Here’s what I initially found attractive about the Fisher Price Doodle Pro:

  •  It’s reasonable priced at around $23.
  • The gender neutral colors of Fisher Price Doodle Pro work well with a boy or girl.
  • It’s built tough, or at least that’s what the packaging said.

After months of use, here’s what I’ve come to love about my Fisher Price Doodle Pro:

  • It’s truly designed with toddlers in mind. It won’t break by being thrown across the room during a temper tantrum or by being danced on by a 25- pound toddler.
  • Its magnetic drawing surface gives my toddler plenty of room to draw shapes, faces, and other scribbles.
  • The screen saver pen can easily be held by toddlers
  • The pen stays on even if pulled forcefully by a toddler who wants to use it on the wall.
  • The built in carry handle is perfect for small hands.
  • It erases easily. When buying this product, I was a bit worried about my toddler not being able to use the eraser herself. But after showing her a few times, she was able to easily do it on her own.

I have only used our Fisher Price Doodle Pro in our home, but I would imagine that it would be a great way to entertain kids on longer car rides or airplane flights.

 What would I change about the Fisher Price Doodle Pro?

The one critique that I have of this product is that in using it repeatedly, some light residue of the magnetic bits stay behind. This isn’t a major issue, as even with the residue, the screen looks mostly white, and my little girl can still see her drawings of daddy’s mustache and her little sister’s shoes. But I note it here as something that the manufacturer could improve upon.

Would I recommend the Fisher Price Doodle Pro to other parents?

Yes! If you have an “up and coming” artist on your hands, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with handwriting on the wall. This product will not only save your walls but also your sanity.

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