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  1. Best feeling I have about my breastfeeding is that after fighting so hard to make it work, it is amazing that all her rolls and purge are provided by me!

  2. Oh my God!!!???? I’m not the only one going thru these munchkin assaults???? Ha, ha, ha. You couldn’t have described my 14 month old better. Gotta say, I try to nurse in bed, we both usually fall asleep. He went thru the biting phase a while ago, so when I started feeling the tiny spot, single pressure, accute, yet-not-killing-me pain, I though it was a theething problem again. I said to my husband, I think another tooth is coming, so I looked for a sign of that little white knife-like thing and nothing. A week went by, and nothing. One day my husband was right next to me and says, do you feel the biting now? so I was so surprised and said YEESSS, how did you know? He says, have you seen his hands? Yup, pinching, not teething, or biting. Pinching. He would hide his tiny hand under the breast, close to his mouth and PINCH ME!!!! Gotta love him. Still nursing, but now I watch every single part of his tiny body aproaching me.

  3. So I’m a little late to reading this, but great blog! I sometimes feel guilty for still wanting to nurse my 15 month old daughter, but it’s all of those great moments you mentioned that I love. It is extremely calming for both of us. I think I’ll keep going for at least another few weeks (or months)

  4. Thanks Ladan, I remember being there two years ago as I looked at my baby hanging off me like an earring… smiling through my grittng teeth and watering eyes at how beautiful my daughter looked 🙂

  5. Lol about the ‘pit stop’ and ‘treadmill’ nursing. My son is not at that point yet, but he pinches while nursing all the time. Ouch!

  6. You made me cry…I don’t want this bond to end! The fact that you talk about pinching doesn’t bode well for me. Your lovey is a whole 6 months older than mine & you’re still talking about it…does that this pinching ordeal has only just begun and is not just a phase? Oh, dear!

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