The Best Family Valentine’s Day Gift!


We have three small kids so going to the movies is a luxury for us that just doesn’t happen all that often.  I’m a big movie buff, so to satisfy my love of film, we watch movies at home a lot.  We’ve done Blockbuster in the past until it got expensive and the store by us closed down.  I’m a big Red Box fan!  $1/day per movie?  How can you beat that?!?  Well, that is unless you are like me and forget to return the movie and end up keeping it for 8 days which can end up being pricey as well. (I carried around The Aristocats in my purse for 11 days before I realized that it was in there and hadn’t been returned!  Opps.)

A few months ago I found my perfect solution to my movie-watching needs.  Netflix!  Sure, it’s been around for a while but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m slow to catch onto things.  I signed up for the free Netflix trial so that I could watch the 4 missed seasons of my new favorite show that I just discovered.  Dexter.  See, told you I was behind on things!  So, I signed up for Netflix and haven’t looked back since.  I watched the first four seasons of Dexter through Netflix in about a month.  I told you it was my new favorite show!

Most people know that Netflix will send you a DVD through the mail and you can keep it as long as you’d like.  No late charges.  No worries.  When you mail the DVD back (in the pre-paid envelope which couldn’t be easier!), Netflix will mail you another DVD.  Plus, it’s quick turnaround!

That’s how it has always worked and that’s fine and all.  But what I absolutely love is the newish feature that you can watch Netflix movies and TV shows through your Wii, Xbox or PS3.  And that’s not all!  You can watch instantly on your computer (iPad & iPhone) too!  That’s right – no need to mess with mailing DVDs back and forth.  It’s so cool!  And it’s all for one low monthly fee!  Less than $10!!  Well, let’s clarify- it is only $7.99/month if you want to watch through your Wii, Xbox, PS3 or computer only.  I spent more than that on a Chipmunks DVD rental that was forgotten about and returned a week later!  It’s $9.99 if you want to watch through all those devices AND still have the option to get the DVDs by mail. But that monthly charge is it!  For as many movies as you can watch!   (Plus, you can cancel anytime!)

I’m telling you Netflix will make the best family Valentine’s Day gift!  I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first and wanted to “try before I buy”.  So, I signed up for my free 30-day trial to begin with and never looked back.

I heart Netflix!

Sign up for Netflix Free 30-Day Trial here

The Best Family Valentine's Day Gift!


  1. We just recently got rid of our satellite all together and got a Roku to watch Netflix. There are a ton of free internet channels out there to stream through the Roku. We don’t miss satellite at all or the $85 a month bill.

  2. it sucks in canada… nothing even remotely close to new release movie wise…. and tv was about from 10 seasons ago :(…. so jealous of you guys with the american netfix


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