The Boy Names I Didn’t Use

99 blue balloons....Between my two pregnancies I’ve put in a fair share of hours brainstorming baby names. It’s a task I’ve never taken lightly … just ask my husband. Poor guy has been on so many dates where all we’ve discussed is baby names. For our first baby, we kept the gender a surprise so we were constantly tossing around boy AND girl names. When all was said and done, we went in to our baby’s birth with three boy names and three girls names, hoping once baby arrived one name would stand out … and thankfully, it did.

With our second baby we found out the gender … a boy! Life was a bit busy at the time between a move and a toddler so we didn’t focus near as much name brainstorming. Good thing we still had our boy list from pregnancy #1!

Today, I’m excited to share the boy names I didn’t use. You’ll notice there are a few sports-inspired names (thanks to by husband) and a handful of more unique ones (thanks to me). For awhile I was on a real kick of preferring names that are traditionally surnames. We’ve also found ourselves liking a number of names with European roots thanks to our ancestors. I’m not stingy about sharing at all, so if you’re in the market for baby boy names feel free to borrow one!

  • Miles– had my daughter been a boy, her name would have most likely been Miles
  • Peyton and Eli – thanks to the Manning brothers
  • Rocco and Leo – from my husband’s Italian heritage
  • Levi, Simon, and Reuben – a little bit of Bible inspiration
  • Elliott and Reid – these were the top two runner ups for my son
  • Thatcher, Foster, Fletcher, Jones, Fischer, and Wilder – these are my surname turned first name favorites
  • Rory, Christian, and Graham – our daughter’s name is a bit British and I guess I’m also drawn to British boy names
  • August (Gus) – I was due with our little man in August and thought it might be fun to name him after his birth month, plus Gus seemed like the perfect nickname
  • Tad, Crew, West, and Cash – short, sweet, and unique … my husband nixed them all

What boy names didn’t you use?

Are you saving any of them for a subsequent child or starting fresh?

P.S. The blogs You Can’t Call It “It” and Swistle are my two favorite baby naming resources – check them out!

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