The Coolest You’ll Look Pooping Your Pants.

What?!?!  We just stumbled upon this Huggies commercial from last year.  I’m going to admit it’s pretty funny.   What do you think?  Some say it’s too racy for US tv?  How can “The coolest you’ll look pooping your pants” be too racy?  Do you agree?



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Awesome commercial! But I have to say, the diapers do not look like jeans in person… they are really just ugly blue diapers 🙁


haha! Very clever. We don’t have a TV so I never saw it. Cute! The narrators deep voice is kind of annoying though.

Cara Aguirre

Great advertising! Someone is good at their job. It’s such a witty commercial.

Nicole and my adorable Emma
Nicole and my adorable Emma

Completely a waste of money! I saw these when they came out and they cost more than regular huggies. When does your baby walk around in a diaper for anyone but you to see anyways! Lame!

Colleen Schroeder

They actually played this incessantly in the New York City market. My husband, someone who doesn’t pay attention to annoying children’s commercials thought this was the wittiest commercial he’d ever seen. His theory was that someone did this to be funny or as a joke and they ran with it. I didn’t realize the rest of the world wasn’t privy to it. What a loss!


that is so funny! My sister actually bought those diapers in every size to stock up- now she wonders what she was thinking!


cute, but this definitely was aired in the US.


Love it!