The Duet is Coming!!!

The slimmest side-by-side is coming!!  In late August 2011, the wait for the highly anticipated Mountain Buggy Duet will be over! 

The Duet is Mountain Buggy’s newest double stroller that is a shocking 25” wide.  That is the same width as the single Urban Jungle and 4” slimmer than the narrowest side-by-side stroller on the market right now! 

Each seat will still be about 11 1/2 inches wide – so it will still fit your children comfortably.  Plus, the Duet will have the ability to take TWO infant car seats or TWO carrycots.  So cool, right?!?  A narrow side-by-side stroller AND it takes two car seats!  Unbelievable!  The car seat will be like stadium seating where one will be higher than the other. 

The Duet will weigh 34 lbs, have a weight capacity of 79 lbs and have all the features we have grown to love and expect from Mountain Buggy.

Here are some of the stand-out features:

  • same width as a single buggy – only 25in!
  • takes one or two travel systems or carrycots
  • individual sun canopies with flick out mesh sun visors
  • twist and slide safety harness for easy adjustment
  • adjustable handle height (31-42”)
  • 2-mode front wheel
  • Included bumper bag
  • Large basket
  • Amazing maneuverability
  • Retail for $599

We will have a full review (with video, of course!) as soon as we can get our hands on one.

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Does anyone know if you will take a Graco Carrier?


can’t wait for the review

dana gayda

Ooh love this one can’t wait for the review!


The weight capacity is only 79 pounds? Doesn’t that seem a little on the low side?

Jennifer K

Now I am frusterated! I want a double jogger for light jogging and daily activity, and decided to search for a Bumbleride Indie Twin. Now This is coming out. I want to know handle height and all about the recline. Flat??? Fold easily? Hollie….. this would be a dream to win if a contest might be in the works. Two cheers for my oldest who turns 2 tomorrow!!!

Rox B

Can’t wait to see the product review!


Late August?!?! I have mine on pre-order and have been promised a release date of late July!! My twins are due mid July!!! Anyone know for sure if there is another delay or if the date given in this article is just a precaution?


WoW that’s crazy.