The Experience of Nursing a Newborn

On September 10th, 2012 we welcomed our second child to the world. Our baby boy was born almost exactly 2 years after his big sister. I managed to go home 24 hours after he was born, and was feeling pretty confident because hey, I just had a kid two years ago. I know what I’m doing. I’m a pro!

Wrong. I had forgotten so many things in these two years, and having a boy has its differences. For example, after about several late night/early morning diaper and onesie changes because he’d peed right through his clothes, all it took was for one of my friends to kindly say to me “You do know you need to point it down, not to the left or right or up, and then close the diaper tightly, right?” No. No I did not. Why didn’t they say this at the hospital?! Girls are so much easier.

My daughter breastfed from the second she was born until 22 months as if she had a read manual in my womb on how to do it- she just went for it and it was easy. As no two babies are ever the same, breastfeeding my son has not been quite as smooth. We’ve had a few struggles but we are thankfully getting through them.

When it comes to nursing, there is so much that I had forgotten, since I only recently stopped nursing a toddler. For the ladies about to be moms for the first time, or for those who are going to become a mom again, here are some things that you may experience when nursing a newborn.


Gosh, that’s a fun time, isn’t it? I forgot that you feel like you’re carrying two boulders on your chest when your milk comes in. Ouch. Luckily, it doesn’t last long, and I took the opportunity to pump milk and make popsicles for my toddler! She absolutely loves them and they’re full of nutrients!


If during pregnancy you’re eating for two, then while nursing you’re eating for 27. Seriously, I am STARVING!! You burn 500 calories a day while nursing, so be sure to eat eat eat. Which brings me on to my next point…

Dropping Food On Baby

Sometimes while my son needs to eat, so do I, so we eat together. And inevitably, there have been a few drops of food on him. Ooops. My poor daughter went through the same thing. Not hot food of course, because which new mother actually gets to eat a hot meal? Just small things like crumbs, peas, noodles, rice…. I do feel bad, but a woman’s gotta eat!


I had totally forgotten about the leaking. While I nurse on one side, the other side is drip drip dripping so no-one in my family takes a word I say seriously. They just look at me and say “Um, you’re leaking.” So? It happens! Grab a cup! (I’m kidding of course. Grab a popsicle maker instead ;))

Choosing Clothes That Are Nursing Friendly

Now when I stand in my closet looking for what to wear, my first thought isn’t how cute the outfit is, it’s now “Can I nurse easily in that? Will I have quick access?”

The Pooping While Baby Eats

Who knew babies could multitask?! They can poop AND eat at the same time! When my son is latched on, and sweetly staring into my eyes, and I’m smiling and cooing at him, nothing says “I love you” more than the beautiful sounds of grunts and pushes and then pooooooop. Who said romance was dead?


What do you remember about nursing a newborn?