The Fisher Price 1-2-3 Musical Gym is Great (Kind of)

The Fisher Price 1-2-3 Musical Gym was the first toy that I bought with the intention of distracting my child long enough for me to make it through a conference call. I know. Shame on me. But I was a work-at-home mom then without any childcare. I know. Stupid me. But at the time, it all made sense. At the time, I bought in to the myth that I could do it all, well, with the right toys and dose of insanity and sleep deprivation. Yeah. This was a year ago and I’m now a stay at home mom, and, I uh. Wait. I was talking about something else, right? mmmm. Oh, yeah. The product review. This product review.  (ahem)

The Fisher Price 1-2-3 Musical Gym is a musical gym (duh) that features hanging toys, two that are of made of fabric, a butterfly mobile, and a hanging, roller ball (designed  as a black and white kitten holding a blue ball).

I bought my gym when my first daughter was around six months, but it’s designed for babies as young as three months.

Your baby can use the gym in three modes: by lying down on their back and playing with the hanging toys and mobile, on their stomach to play with the mirrored sun and peek-a-boo leaf, or by sitting up to play with the hanging toucan with the jingle bell.

At six months, my daughter was sitting up…well, kind of. She was doing that kind of ape-stance that new-sitter uppers do to support themselves. Then, she didn’t really like this toy, or, at least not as much as she liked the box it came in. On occasion, she would roll the roller ball hanging toy, but usually she would not do much with it. By nine months, she found more things to do with this toy, but she never really got into it in the way that I’d hoped.

With my second daughter, things were different. My second daughter loves this toy. From about three months (when she learned how to roll over), she began using this toy a lot. And now at five months old, it’s one of her favorites.

So, she likes this toy and so do I, well, mostly. I like that:

  • It’s colorful and features a rainforest theme that could work well with a girl or boy child.
  • It takes three cell batteries that are included with the toy and is easy to assemble and put away.
  •  It’s small (this is a pro and a con). It easily can be hidden when not in use and seems to be just enough for my baby, well, at least, when she doesn’t move.
  • The hanging objects are fun looking.

And, now, here’s the things I don’t like as much:

  •  It’s small. I know I listed this as one of the pros. But, seriously, small is good for parents who don’t want their living rooms to look like the floor of a Gymboree open gym. But, for my baby who rolls and scoots and twists and turns, small is not a good thing. One roll/scoot/twist and my baby’s body is half off the mat.
  • The pillow that comes with the gym (to be used for baby’s head) is pretty much useless. It doesn’t attach to anything, so it never stays put. Ever.
  • It’s not as versatile as I’d like. I am pretty sure that when my second daughter hits six months, and much like my first daughter, she’ll ditch this toy like a bad habit. It’s fun and all for now, but I’m thinking that it’s not interesting enough to hold up long term.

So would I recommend this gym to other parents? No. At around $44 dollars, you’re better off investing in a larger gym with a few more bells and whistles to hold your child’s interest beyond just a few months.