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  1. Our daughter fell in love with this when we were in the store, and I think it is great that you can pull them around on it. Hubby thinks it needs more storage space (really… for a 2-year old), but I want to convince him otherwise.

  2. Our little guy LOVES his Trunki. We have “Terrance” and he takes it with him everywhere. He packs up his cars and a few coloring books and he’s ready to roll when it comes to our 3 night a week bowling league schedule. The other kids love it too because he’ll sit on it and they take turns pulling him around on it. And it’s perfect for a long weekend trip! I can easily pack him clothes and jammies for a 5 day trip into it. We didn’t get any stickers with ours or the saddle bag but I think Santa has them under the tree for Christmas morning.

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