The Greatest Travel Innovation Since the Wheelie Bag

How difficult is it to pack to go anywhere – even just to grandma’s house- with kids in tow?

Melissa & Doug have found the perfect solution to make it fun and easy to travel with little ones! Trunki is seriously the greatest travel innovation since the wheelie bag.  Trunki allows children to scoot along on their luggage through the airport, bus/train station or even on the sidewalk. This lightweight, sturdy, children’s carry-on sized suitcase serves as luggage, riding toy, and transport for kids on the go. It’s perfect for sleepovers, summer camp and vacations. When you’re not on the go, Trunki acts as a convenient kid-friendly storage bin at home.

“Packed” with features, Trunki is designed to stand up to adventures at home and away. It’s perfect for storage, pretend play and travel by plane, train, bus or auto.

The Trunki is currently available in 6 colors- pink (Trixie), blue (Terrance), purple (Iris), green (Jade), red (Ruby) and orange (Sunny). It carries a SRP of $39.99 but can be found on the internet on sale for prices as low as $28. It is recommended for children 3 and up. Features include a tow strap, carry handles, secure catches, integrated wheels and stabilizers to help prevent toppling over. Holds up to 75 lbs. Saddlebags are also available as an add-on accessory.  You can learn more at

The Trunki comes with stickers allowing customization, making no 2 Trunkies exactly the same. Although I really like it as is and am hesitant to make it messy. I might hold on to the stickers for scrapbooking.

We are definitely retiring my nephew’s hand-me-down Thomas the Train suitcase.

SHOP Melissa & Doug Trunki HERE

Now I am itching to book a trip! As if I ever need an excuse. Anyone have any recommendations for family-friendly vacations?

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Jenni G

Our daughter fell in love with this when we were in the store, and I think it is great that you can pull them around on it. Hubby thinks it needs more storage space (really… for a 2-year old), but I want to convince him otherwise.

Liz Shepherd
Our little guy LOVES his Trunki. We have “Terrance” and he takes it with him everywhere. He packs up his cars and a few coloring books and he’s ready to roll when it comes to our 3 night a week bowling league schedule. The other kids love it too because he’ll sit on it and they take turns pulling him around on it. And it’s perfect for a long weekend trip! I can easily pack him clothes and jammies for a 5 day trip into it. We didn’t get any stickers with ours or the saddle bag but I think… Read more »