The Green Toys Tea Set Made From Recycled Milk Jugs



In England, a good ole cuppa (translated- a good, reliable cup of tea) is thought to fix any problem. So it’s no surprise that my love for all things tea has rubbed off on my toddler. We recently purchased the Green Toys Tea Set, and it is definitely a keeper.

Many of the sets available now come with only two cups, but when you’re a toddler, you don’t have tea with just one person! So the main reason we chose this set was because it comes with a tea pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, four cups, four saucers and four teaspoons. My daughter had no idea what the saucer was at first, but given that I am British and was concerned that Princess Kate would be horrified, I found it important to teach her what it is. She now drinks tea like the Queen of England.

And best of all you’re helping the environment!

By using the Green Toys Tea Set, your preschooler can help save the planet – a cup of tea at a time. Designed for children ages three and up, the tea set is made from recycled milk jugs, is FDA approved to eat and drink from, and does not contain BPA, phthalates, or lead paint. The set is colorful and durable, and is ideal for bath-time tea parties.

I didn’t realize how fun a toy this would be, as I watch my daughter make tea for all of us, and it is always great to watch your husband get down on the floor and have a tea party with his little girl 🙂 If you are going to use real water, the cups are small so there’s not much to clean up after a spill. And I love that the lid of the teapot doesn’t fall off even when it’s held at an angle.



The set is very durable as my 9 month old generally tends to come crawling in, start throwing everything around and gnawing on the saucers. It’s dishwasher safe but easy to wipe clean too. You can have fun with this indoors, outdoors, in the bath, it’s a great addition to imaginary play! It currently retails for $21.45.

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