The Guidecraft 4-in-1 Flipping Tabletop Easel


Which toddler isn’t an artist? Whether it be with crayons, markers, Mom’s eyeliner, Dad’s shaving foam, they always have some messy new way of showing their artistic flair. We recently bought our 23 month old the Guidecraft 4-in-1 Flipping Tabletop Easel in the hope that it might stop her from writing on the floors. Sadly, it does not, but she does enjoy using it!

As the name suggests, this table easel is small at 16.75″ H x 15.75″ W x 5.5″ L so it fits the top of a toddler table perfectly and is easily portable. The wooden rotating easel features a magnetic dry erase whiteboard on one side, a chalkboard on the other side, and a paper roll holder for your little one to draw on. There is a small shelf for you to store pens, chalk or whatever else your child likes to use. Guidecraft have set the recommended age at 3 + which I understand because when you flip the easel, there are two big blue wooden screws on either side that need to be tightened to make sure the easel stays in place, which is a little difficult for small hands. You will need to help your child with this.

This is a great easel for children to enjoy using their creativity, and as the Guidecraft website states

Kids are often proud of the things which they have finished on their own. Hence, upon completing an art piece, they feel a sense of satisfaction. It also builds up their confidence.

This is true of course, and our daughter loves to draw on the board and then promptly show us her creation and how proud she is of it.  Be aware that this easel does come with paper but you will need to provide your own pens etc. The chalkboard is a great way to make use of sidewalk chalk you may have at home, and the magnetic board is a new and interesting place for some of your fridge magnets. My daughter’s face was priceless when she realized the magnets don’t just stick on the fridge!

The dry erase board is very fun, but it is difficult to get it completely clean, so we have a few faint pen lines on it. The paper part is definitely her favorite though, she could draw all day it seems. And if your child is anything like mine, prepare for pen marks all over the wooden parts of the easel. There’s a huge piece of paper in front of her, but for some reason the small wooden parts look more attractive. Ah, kids 😀

The Guidecraft 4-in-1 Flipping Tabletop Easel makes a great gift for any toddler, and currently retails for $35.25.

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