The Handwriting is NOT on the Wall

The Handwriting is NOT on the Wall

The Handwriting is NOT on the WallAs parents, we encourage our children’s creativity. Often times that comes with a cost. Usually when I’m pulling out the crayons, paint, markers, clay and/or other art supplies, I cringe thinking about where besides the paper these materials are going to wind up on.

My son received the Aquadoodle Classic Mat as a gift from his Aunt, Uncle and cousins because it was one of their favorites when they were his age.  In a matter of minutes, it became one of our favorites too.

Aquadoodle is an activity drawing toy primarily for toddler and preschool aged children that allows them to make great art with nothing more than water and a special mat that is divided into four colored sections (green, blue, pink and purple). No mess, no ink, no chemicals! The patented invention is based on a hydrochromatic ink which causes color change when the user draws with a water filled pen. The user’s drawings will remain for several minutes before gradually disappearing and then you can start all over again.

It’s ideal for travel since it’s light-weight, compact, keeps children entertained without requiring electricty, batteries and leaves no unwanted mess behind. Incorporate the latest modern technology by photographing the works of art before they dry up and disappear.

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The Handwriting is NOT on the Wall



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  1. We love our aquadoodle mat! Watch out though, if you spill food or liquid on it, (i.e. juice) it stains and doesn’t come out. We now have some lovely orange spots on our mat. But it still works great. 🙂


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