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  1. I totally agree with Elizabeth! Although I do think
    It’s important to make your child feel special on
    their birthday, as my children get older I feel it’s
    Important they know that their birthday does not
    Mean the world stops. I see too many adults disappointed because they didn’t receive proper gifts, or enough attention on their birthdays. I recently celebrated a birthday with my family no gifts or cake just is spending time together. It was one of my best. So many of my friends would have curled up into the fetal position and spent the day in bed if their birthdays were not a big to do. I love to shower my kids with attention on their birthday and we have a no chores on your birthday rule. However I think it’s more important to not expect fantastic gifts or parties, that way however they spend their birthday it will be fantastic!

  2. We just celebrated our sons 2nd birthday with little fanfare. I refused to go over the top like I see so many parents do. Pinterest guilt anyone? I made him a homemade cake, had homemade decorations and family over for cake and ice cream. Perfectly lovely without the madness of 10 little ones confused about why they didn’t get a gift.
    Maybe I sound like a Debbie downer but I guess we love our son too much to go over the top at such a young age. Maybe when he’s older and can really celebrate.

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