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  1. Thank you Karima! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    Well done Ashley to making it to 3 months! I completely agree with you, hence why I said not all mothers can breastfeed. I hope mothers can be supportive to one another without the put downs 🙂

    Great job Kim! It can be frustrating when people think they are helping, only to hinder something so vital. But it’s wonderful to read that you made it despite any setbacks 🙂

  2. Great article… I am now nursing my third child and with my first, she was born early (7 weeks) and didn’t know how to eat. I pumped for six weeks after every feeding. Her and I worked hard to get her from the bottle to the breast… at one point my mother in law was at the house and “offered” to give her a bottle, my husband proceeded to fix it for her and I was more than a little upset to say the least. Her and I was working so hard and because she wanted to “help” out she thought she could just feed her a bottle. At that point, she was nursing some, and the last thing I needed was to have a bottle just freely given to her. A little bit of understanding and compassion would have been wonderful at that point, instead of just assuming it would be easier to give her the bottle. However, am proud to say that my daughter finally got the hang of it and went on to nurse exclusively for 13 months. My son nursed for 15 months and the little one now is 9 months old and will let her go as long as needed. Thanks for a great article!

  3. I support all the breast feeding mothers out there!i have a lot of respect for those who do and can breast feed. You can do it! But, my only request is that those of us who really couldn’t breast feed do to medical issues have the same support from those who can. Putting us formula users down without knowing our situation is also very hard and can make us feel like failures as mothers also. I had to pump exclusively for 3 months do to medical issues I tried hard to give my little one breast milk as long as I could. But sadly had to stop after 3 months. Proud of all those momma’s who stay strong and breast feed! Good work!

  4. Heartfelt and Compassionate article Ladan! I was moved to tears which is rare for me. I wish your message would be read by those unsuspecting grandmas, husbands, doctors and friends whose comments dash a new mother’s confidence to bits. Yes, La Leche League is a wonderful means to get in contact with moms like you who will be there and offer help at meetings and on the phone. Our “warm line” is there for anyone to call. This is why we say that breastfeeding is an art passed down from woman to woman. I am very impressed with your blog and happy so many women can benefit from your knowledge and caring spirit.

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