The Little People Open and Close SUV? Not so much

You may have read one of my previous reviews where I mentioned that I was looking for open and shut toys for my daughter, when we happened to stumble across the Sesame Street Hide N Seek Pals playset, a fun and entertaining toy for any toddler. I had also ordered the Fisher Price Little People Open and Close SUV, so my 17 month-old could enjoy opening and shutting all the areas that you would expect an SUV to open and shut.


Boy, were we disappointed. Guess what opens? The trunk, and a piece of luggage on top of the car. The doors? Nope. Firmly shut. The hood? Nope, also firmly shut. My husband actually turned to me and said “What made you buy this?” You can take the mom and baby out of the car and put them back in. That’s great, but when you call a toy “Open and Close” then it should live up to the name. How can the doors of an SUV toy not open?

One of only two areas of the SUV that actually open and close

If you press the mom’s chair, it plays three different sounds- children laughing, a car honking or an open and close song.  You can push the car along because, thankfully, the wheels turn (that’s me being sarcastic).

The SUV comes with two AA batteries and is recommended for ages 1 to 4 years. Perhaps we’ll bring it out again in a few months and see if it’s more enjoyable then.

Press down to hear some sounds

If you have a collection of Little People toys, I’m sure this will be another loved member. But if you’re looking for a toy that opens and shuts, this isn’t it, despite what the name might say. So save your $16.00.

Buy the Little People Open and Close SUV HERE